Icecat Free Vendor Central Program Overview

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Icecat Vendor Central Program Overview

Here an overview of key participants in Icecat’s Free Vendor Central Program. The participants chose Icecat as it is globally the No 1 content syndicator according to SimilarWeb. In short, Icecat offers a free of charge content delivery platform, called free Vendor Central. This platform is for the suppliers of the participating retailers and distributors in the Icecat Vendor Central Program. How does this work? First, participants invite their supplier brands to use Icecat Vendor Central for content ingestion. Next, the invited supplier brands register and add their product information in the multilingual Icecat PIM, the Vendor Central. Content can be added via our editorial interface, via templates for bulk upload, or automated via a direct API connection. Most importantly, their standardized content is then automatically ingested by selected partners. That is their commitment.

Easy registration for Vendor Cental

It is easy to register, in three steps, for Free Vendor Central:
– First, go to to sign up for your free Icecat account
– Second, confirm your e-mail address
– Final, contact Icecat to assign your brand to your account

In addition, you can watch the video “How to Register for Icecat’s Free Vendor Central?

Program overview of all partners

These partners chose Icecat as it’s globally the No 1 content syndicator according to SimilarWeb. To sum up, you can see the list below of all active participating partners in the Vendor Central Program Overview. Consequently, the list is updated with new partners. We have split the list up into three categories:
– Global Market Places
– Retailers
– Toys
– Distributors

Category: Global Marketplaces

Global Roll-Out with Icecat. AliExpress informs its suppliers and manufacturers to upload product content to Vendor Central.

The new AFS connector allows brands to publish their product content directly in Amazon via Icecat.

Icecat can help you with content feed for “From the manufacturer pages by Google” with Vendor Central or Service Level Agreement.

Category: Retailers

The second biggets Spanish hypermarket AlCampo joins Free Vendor Central Program. And, asks its suppliers and manufacturers to upload their product content info the Free Icecat Vendor Central.

Leading Polish marketplace co-operates with Icecat. As a result it will expands its catalog.
Tech and Electricals Retailer calls its vendors to improve consumer experience. But, also to upload product content to Vendor Central. the Dutch marketplace generates € 2.3 billion revenue. Bol is part of the Free Vendor Central Program.

French Retailer BUT with a revenue of € 1.5 billion joins Icecat Free Vendor Central.

Asks its non-food suppliers to register for Icecat’s Free Vendor Central. But, also to enter the product data themselves or to join Open Icecat.

The biggest business-to-business IT reseller in the Benelux, Centralpoint, joins the Icecat free Vendor Central Program

clear fashion logo

Clear Fashion
As a Full Icecat user, Clear Fashion also has access to the Icecat Free Vendor Central Program. Therefore, Clear Fashion asks all fashion vendors to use Icecat Vendor Central as well to enhance their product content.

Danish IT company with a revenue of € 9 million. Coferro requires smart content through Free Vendor Central.

Optimize e-commerce processes Iceshop delivers a complete and tailored solution to Computacenter Nederland based on Batavi


French-based Dyadem joins the Icecat Free Vendor Central Program so its supplier’s brands can enter, edit, and enrich their product content for all their products, free of charge

The Nordics largest electronics retailer. Opened it data delivery platform for Brands via Vendor Central.

Exellent, as a Full Icecat subscriber, joins now the Free Vendor Central Program


Exertis uses Icecat product content successfully for its e-commerce environment and joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program

German retailer uses Icecat product content successfully for many years for its e-commerce environment.

The Portuguese retail brand with a revenue of € 3.8 billion, joins the Free Vendor Central Program. As a result, it will allow manufactures to improve their content free of charge., Germany’s largest online shop for Home & Living, invites its suppliers to use Icecat Free Vendor Central.

Power International
The household electronics retailer in the Nordics has a revenue of € 1 billion. Power International joins the Free Vendor Central Program.

Presentation Partner
The Audiovisual retailer presentation partner uses Full Icecat for its e-commerce environment.

Turkey’s leading retail chain with a revenue of € 4.3 billion. Teknosa is a member of the Free Vendor Central Program.

TOPO CENTRAS, the biggest electronics retail chain in Lithuania, joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program

Unieuro integrates Huawei’s Product Stories via Icecat. Unieuro is, with 250 physical consumer electronics shops and a webshop, a successful omnichannel player in Italy.

Portugals leading consumer electronics giant with a revenue of € 814 million, join the Free Vendor Central Program.

The Italian ecommerce platform with a revenue of € 23 million, is now part of the Vendor Central Program.

Category: Toys

The Belgium toy retailer has a revenue of € 68 million. Fun is part of the Icecat Free Vendor Central Program.


The Dutch retail chain with a revenue of € 26 million, finalized its integration of Icecat.

Legacy Toys
The US-based retailer has a revenue of € 1.7 million. Legacy Toys joined the Icecat Vendor Central Program.

Maxi Toys logo

Maxi Toys
The French and Belgian toy retailer Maxi Toys joins the Icecat network.

Planet Happy
The Dutch toy retailer has a revenue of € 8 million. They joined the Vendor Central Program.

Prenatal Retail Group S.p.A., the toys leader and a major player in Italy with 50 years of retail experience, uses now the Icecat Toys Data Model to download product information.

Red Balloon Toy Store

Red Balloon Toy Store
The Red Balloon Toy Store uses Icecat product content for its e-commerce activities and adopts the Icecat Toys Data Model to download product information.

Vavantas joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program. Its vendors can now profit from many benefits.

1001jouets joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program. 1001jouets asks its suppliers to register for Icecat and enrich their product data themselves for 1001jouets and other participants in the program

Category: Distributors

Action, a leading Polish tech distributor, is calling its vendors to use the Icecat Vendor Central platform to improve the quality of their product content.

BigBuy is the European B2B wholesale platform. Also they ask its supplying manufacturers to upload their product content directly into Icecat Vendor Central.

The IT distributor in the Netherlands and France. Copaco joins Vendor Central to enrich its content.

The European spare parts distributor has a revenue of € 14 million. While using Vendor Central, Covena enriches its catalog via Icecat.

EET Group
Leading European distributor for IT parts with a revenue of € 252 million, joins the Vendor Central Program. And asks its suppliers to add their product content directly in Icecat’s catalog.

The Hungarian distributor Expert ZRT uses Full Icecat product content for its business-to-business store.


Megasur, a major IT distributor or mayorista in Spain, opens its platform for 3rd party product data.

UK’s top tech distributor with a revenue of 2.7 billion. Westcoast joins the Free Vendor Central Program.

Comparison Sites
The leading consumer comparison site in the Netherlands, joins the Icecat Free Vendor Central Program

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  • commented on April 28, 2020 by Dion

    Hi We are a full icecat customer, and distributor as well with own brands, we have access to the PIM system, but we are not listed on "Vendor-central-program?"

    is this something different? we would like to be able to bulk upload product-data...


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