Manual Overview for Brands & Retailers


Icecat Locales and Language Code Table
International Standards Supported by Icecat
Icecat User Access Management Policies
Digital Asset Types in Icecat’s Open Catalog Interfaces
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in Icecat PIM and Icecat Front Office


FAQ for Brand Owners
Icecat Brand Rank: What is It and How to Improve on it?
How are your brand’s Data Health and Product Completeness Score calculated?
Product Story Content Requirements and Blocks
Vendor Central
How to Register for Free Vendor Central?
Manual for a Brand Editor in Icecat Vendor Central (PIM)
Video Tutorials: How to Edit Your Product Data in Vendor Central
Icecat AFS manual for Vendors
How to Upload Your Brand’s Product Content in Google Manufacturer Center via Icecat
Icecat Push-API (API-IN)


How to Import Free Product Content Into Your Webshop via Icecat
FAQ for Icecat Product Content Users
Coverage Analysis of Your Catalog
Bullet Points via a separate XML tag
Index Files per Vertical
Personalized Interface File (PIF) and Catalog (PCF) from Icecat
Downloading Image Libraries for Your Online Products
Icecat Connector / Add-ons Overview
Icecat CSV Interface
Quick Guide for Real-Time Data Requests via XML and CSV
Open Catalog Interface (OCI): Manual for Open Icecat XML and Full Icecat XML
Downloading individual Product XML
Icecat Product XML in batch processing
Manual for Open Icecat JSON Product Requests
Which JSON and XML Error Messages can I get using Icecat?
Icecat LIVE
Icecat Live: Real-Time Product Data in Your App
Icecat LIVE – Granular Calls of Open Icecat Content
How to Embed Product Stories into Your Website?
Product Reviews Integration via Icecat