Lithuanian TOPO CENTRAS asks its electronics suppliers to use Free Vendor Central

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TOPO CENTRAS uses Icecat product content

TOPO CENTRAS, the biggest electronics retail chain in Lithuania, joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program. TOPO CENTRAS, a member of Euronics, has more than 34 brick-and-mortar stores and an online shop: The electronics retailer uses Icecat product content for its e-commerce environment. Also, other Euronics members optimize their online consumer experience with Product Stories and Where-to-Buy solutions in co-operation with respectively Icecat and Hatch.

Product content is key

Why does TOPO CENTRAS join the Icecat Free Vendor Central Program? It stimulates non-sponsoring brands to enter, edit, and enrich their product content for all their products, reducing content management costs. Additionally, it is possible to add enhanced Product Stories and other rich media to optimize the online buying experience. Great product content is thus key to boost conversion rates and sales.

Therefore, TOPO CENRTAS asks all its vendors to register, free-of-charge, for the Icecat PIM.

Benefits for TOPO CENTRAS vendors

Once a brand is registered, its editors can start entering and enriching its product information immediately. Furthermore, brands can add missing digital assets or create product data-sheets for products that are not yet in the Icecat catalog. A product data-sheet includes among others, product titles, descriptions, specifications, images, marketing text, and videos. Great product information allows them to be more effective in promoting and positioning their products online. Besides, the Free Vendor Central helps to reduce the time-to-market for new products.

What happens with the product data from brand editors? The entered product content flows directly into the Icecat catalog, ready to go live in minutes. Next, the brand editors get real-time notifications, and Icecat can immediately push product content to the live website and to TOPO CENTRAS. Most importantly, Vendor Central is free to use, and some additional service levels are available that utilize the Icecat editorial team in case that a brand owner doesn’t have the editorial capacity available in-house. It’s also possible to utilize digital rights management to limit syndication to authorized resellers only.

How to join Free Vendor Central?

There is also a tutorial available on editing data via Icecat Vendor Central. It is easy to register, in three steps, for Free Vendor Central:

  • Sign up for a free Icecat account.
  • Confirm your e-mail address.
  • Contact Icecat to assign your brand to your account.

In case you need more information, please contact your local account manager, register here, or contact us directly online.

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