Elkjøp – the Nordics Largest Electronics Retailer – Opens its Data Delivery Platform to Brands

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The largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics Elkjøp, also known as Elgiganten and Gigantti, with 400 store locations and 10,000 employees, chose Icecat as its one of the preferred data partners for Supplier Article Onboarding to retrieve the product information from supplying brands. Following the pilot that started in 2018, a custom-made data transformation and delivery platform has been created for Elkjøp. This allows brands to participate and deliver their data to Elkjøp which meets its content requirements. The project aims to automate the flow of product information through the supply chain and eliminate manual editorial work.

In most cases, brand and retailer taxonomies do not match. In this case, that is resolved as Icecat handles the data transformation and creates a mapping rule for each attribute that is to be presented on Elkjøp’s websites. Brand-specific attributes can also be included.

Icecat offers a user interface where the brand can monitor its data, via Vendor Central. Brands will have a real-time connection to Elkjøp’s system through Vendor Central and any changes made by brand or Icecat editors in behalf of a brand, will appear on Elkjøp’s websites within minutes.  

Icecat eliminates the excessive project flow by keeping it as simple as possible:

Would you like to deliver your brand’s product information via Icecat to Elkjøp directly? Please register online, contact your Account Manager or contact Icecat directly!

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