Updated AIRDROP V: Join ICURY Pilot. Trade at Nocks (ICY-EUR) and Txbit (ICY-BTC)

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ICURY (ICY), the loyalty token of Icecat, is now a liquid digital asset. It is listed at Nocks with an ICY-EUR trading pair, and at txbit.io where it can be traded against bitcoin and ethereum. For trade you need tokens. If you don’t have these already, please participate in ICURY’s 5th airdrop. The conditions are set forth below. Read also the FAQ ICURY.

Airdrop 5: Join the Pilot and Receive 62.5 ICURY for Free

Already around hundreds of Icecat or Iceclog users joined the ICURY pilot and received free tokens in the first airdrops. The fifth airdrop runs now and you can receive 62.5 free ICURY. What are the requirements to participate?

  1. You need an Iceclog user profile. You can create one for free. Make sure that you have a complete and credible profile including an image, links to your real social media profile(s) and other requested data, and join the ICURY Group. (Please, don’t sign up up for other groups if irrelevant to you).
  2. You mention a link to this airdrop on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn elsewhere) and you post the link to this post in the ICURY Group as proof. Note: it should be a credible account with at least 100 followers or connections.
  3. You register for the pilot to receive ICURY for free and enter your ethereum wallet. No wallet yet? Go to myetherwallet.com (free) in combination with a hardware wallet such as Ledger or a Web3 wallet. NOTE: MEWconnect doesn’t seem to support yet custom tokens such as ICURY (erc-20).

This airdrop is only open to people who didn’t participate in the previous airdrops.
We are convinced that this another small step in one of the most exciting journeys in the field of e-commerce.

The conditions can be adapted or changed by the board of Icecat in response to outside events or behaviour of participants. Every next airdrop will only distribute half the amount of tokens as the previous one.


The currently distributed ICURY (ICY) tokens can be used for peer-to-peer transactions, as all cryptos. As a first step into our ICURY pilot, we have enabled connecting your Ether wallet address which might contain ICURY tokens, to your Icecat account, to view the ICURY balance, and view your ICURY transactions as recorded on the Ether blockchain.

Icecat ICURY blockchain transactions

Charge your Icecat balance

As an Icecat user, you might have noticed that in your user account a new tab has become visible, named ICURY, the Icecat crypto currency, created with an ERC20 smart contract. We have activated the next little step during Summer: you can charge your Icecat account with ICY from your ether wallet. The result will be shown in the next line called “My balance at Icecat”. It registers the amount of ICY that a user has sent from its ether wallet address to the official Icecat wallet address.

Upload ICURY to Icecat wallet

If you click on the button “Charge my balance at Icecat”, you can get a simple transfer instruction, including the Icecat ether wallet address to which you need to send your tokens. Upon receipt these will become visible in your account. This all to prepare for the next steps as described below.

Upload ICURY to Icecat wallet instruction

Possible next steps: paying for services & receiving loyalty coin

Icecat is continuously evaluating possible next steps. Pilot options are:

  • Receiving loyalty tokens linked to certain actions that benefit the Icecat ecosystem.
  • Pilots in which content contribitors can earn ICURY for certain jobs.
  • Payment of all Icecat services with ICURY tokens,


Although in this phase, the security risks regarding the ICURY tokens are very limited, we advise you in general to switch 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on. The option for this can be found in the general user settings in your Icecat account.

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