Optimizing Computacenter’s E-commerce Processes

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Iceshop Helps Computacenter to Optimize the e-commerce Process

To optimize e-commerce processes Iceshop delivers a complete and tailored solution to Computacenter Nederland based on Batavi. Who is Computacenter? Computacenter is a leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, headquartered in the UK.

Jochem Vreeke, Manager Operations Computacenter, says, “Iceshop’s flexibility, expertise, and pleasant way of working are of great value in achieving our e-commerce challenges.”

Multifunctional platform

Computacenter needs a multifunctional and easy to use platform. Therefore, the Batavi platform of Computacenter contains several tailored functionalities. Firstly, the multi-shop engine. Secondly, Single Sign-On (SSO). Thirdly, an ERP connection with SAP. Fourthly, rich product content upload. Finally, Simplesurance integration. Below, I’ll explain this in more detail.

1. Multishop engine

In short, Batavi gives Computacenter the possibility to create customized ‘choose your own device’ portals. This is powered by a multi-template engine. As a result, Computacenter can set-up a purchase portal for each corporate customer. And also use a separate template for each individual purchase project.

2. Single Sign-On

SSO is hot, as users get tired of having to remember tons of different login credentials. For example, students log in to a university portal. Within the same session, they can buy IT equipment at the Computacenter school shop. No need for an extra login account.

3. ERP connection

Computacenter’s portals link to its SAP ERP. During this project, the BAAN ERP connection is phased out. This high volume connection processes 1000s of orders per month. This automated ordering helps to lower the transaction costs and save time.

4. Rich product upload

The Batavi solution of Computacenter automatically enriches products with Icecat rich-product content. This goes via a standard Icecat connector, which eliminates manual content management completely.

5. Simplesurance integration and order process

Via Simplesurance customers can easily select and buy insurances for their purchases. For example, anti-theft insurance for their new notebook. Orders via the portals are automatically sent to SAP for further processing.

More info

Do you want to know more about how Iceshop can help to optimize your e-commerce process? Then contact us directly.


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