Which JSON and XML Error Messages can I get using Icecat?


This post presents all possible error messages and codes that users may get while sending Icecat JSON or XML product file requests. Firstly, we will sum up all JSON error messages and codes. Secondly, we will explain all XML error messages and codes.

JSON error messages

Error Code (JSON) Error Message (JSON)Explanation
1UserName, and lang are mandatory fieldsMandatory parameter, user name, or language is missing
2Lang is unknownLanguage code is unknown
3{user} the Icecat user is unknownThe user name does not exist
4Product identifier(s) is not correctRequested product identifier(s) is (are) not correct.
5You have wrong ip address for accessThe IP address from which you send a request is not listed in your profile’s whitelist.
6Not found for this shopname private keyYour shop’s private key was not found in the Icecat database.
7Wrong matching shopname with app_keyYour Appkey and your user name do not match.
8The requested product is not present in the Icecat database’The requested product data-sheet does not exist in our database for the provided identifier.
9Display of content for users with a Full Icecat subscription level will require the use of a server certificate and a dynamic secret phrase. Please, contact your account manager for help with the implementationAppKey is required to download the requested content. Icecat will provide AppKey on request for the Full Icecat users.
10Not found user by application_keyAn incorrect AppKey is used.
12The requested product is limited for the current user vertical, please contact your account manager at IcecatYour Full Icecat subscription doesn’t include access to the requested product’s Vertical. You’ll need to consider which main categories to include in your Icecat subscription.
404The requested product is not present in the Icecat databaseThe product data-sheet’s release date is in the future, and therefore the request can not yet be fulfilled. Wait it out or special permission is needed.

XML error messages

Error code (XML) Error message (XML)Explanation
401Login and password are invalid.
404You are not allowed to access a Full Icecat repository with a free Open Icecat account. Please, check the manual or upgrade your account.The folder at level4 (Full Icecat) is accessed with a free Open Icecat account. E.g., the /refs or /CSV folder.
404You are assigned to URL Icecat, please request the file using prf.icecat.biz.A user with an URL subscription is trying to reach an XML repository. Please, reset your subscription via your Profile.
404Invalid group level.A file is requested by a user with the wrong (not shop type) account type.
404Please, add this IP address %%ip%% to the \’ Allowed IP addresses\’ setting of your account.A request is made from a non-whitelisted IP address. Please, add the IP address to your Profile.
404File does not exist.An incorrect request for a file is made.
200Language does not exist.A non-existing language/local is requested via the XML_S3 API.
404 For data.icecat.biz/export/
{repo}/{lang}/{code} | 200
for XML_S3
The requested XML data-sheet is not present in the Icecat database.A wrong product identifier is used.
404 For data.icecat.biz/export/
{repo}/{lang}/{code} | 200
for XML_S3
Your registration was not confirmed.An inactive user is making a request. Please, first activate the user account.
401 For data | 200 for XML S3Login or password is invalid.The wrong password is used.
404 For data.icecat.biz/export/
{repo}/{lang}/{code} | 200 for XML_S3
You don\’t have access to this language folder.Your user didn’t subscribe to the requested language/locale.
200The requested XML data-sheet is not described in the Icecat database.The requested product data-sheet is currently undescribed.
200Product was replaced with.The requested product data-sheet was mapped to another one.
404The products datasheet is not public.User with no authorization to a product data-sheet set to publish=limited has tried to download a file. It requires brand authorization.
200The products datasheet is not yet released.The release date is in the future. Therefore, wait it out or request special permission.
404Access to this product and language is restricted.A brand restriction policy is applied. Only authorized resellers can access the brand’s content. Please, request brand permission via the website.
404This data-sheet is not accessible via Open Icecat repository.A Full Icecat user is trying to get a Full Icecat product data-sheet from the Open Icecat (Freexml) Repository.
404Link is not visibleA deactivated image is requested.
404Link is expiredThe requested image’s expiration date has passed.
200This product belongs to a Vertical, you didn\’t subscribe to.Your Full Icecat account has not susbcribed to this Vertical or main category. Please, request an upgrade.
200You are not allowed to have Full Icecat accessAn Open Icecat user requested a Full Icecat product data-sheet. Please, request a Full Icecat upgrade.

In case you have any questions, please contact your local account manager or contact Icecat directly via the website.

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