Updated: FAQ for Product Content Users

Icecat product content users

In this document, we answer all the common questions we get from Icecat product content users.

What is this FAQ about?

This FAQ (frequently asked questions) is for Icecat product content users, typically channel partners such as retailers, etailers, distributors, comparison sites, brand owners, purchase management applications, ecommerce service providers or PIM (product information management) service providers.

If you are a brand owner, and want to use Icecat for product content syndication towards your channel partners, read the FAQ for Brand Owners.

Who is Icecat?

Icecat is an independent global syndicator of rich product content. In order to use Icecat’s product content to its full potential and merge it easily into your ebusiness app.

What does Icecat do?

To summarize, Icecat is an independent global syndicator of e-commerce product content, Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, and product statistics. Icecat helps brand owners and the global e-commerce channel to provide online buyers with all product content to make optimal purchase decisions.

What is Open Icecat?

Open Icecat is the free open catalog, part of Icecat’s full catalog, via which the product content for hundreds of top brands is distributed under Icecat’s open content license. Please, see the manuals for integrating the data.

My supplier advised downloading product content from Icecat. How does that work?

Firstly, register (FREE). After that, confirm your email address, and study the integration manuals. Then, make your choice, of which download API of Icecat you want to use. You can start integrating Open Icecat data immediately. Lastly, it’s open and free, as it’s sponsored by your brand suppliers.

How can I register for Open Icecat?

To begin with, registering for Open Icecat is easy and free! Firstly, click here to register now. After that, confirm your email address, and you get immediate access to the complete, multilingual Open Icecat database with millions of product data-sheets (PDSs).

I did not receive a confirmation email, what now?

First, check your spam box, click on the email confirmation link. It’s also good to de-spam the email to train your email provider not to see the confirmation email as spam. If you still have an issue contact us via the Icecat website.

Does an Open Icecat Product Data-Sheet Contains less information?

No, in general an Open Icecat Product Data-sheet (PDS) contains the complete product data that a brand is communicating to its channel partners. Nevertheless, there might be certain cases in which a brand is reserving certain digital assets – such as video, hi-res images, reasons-to-buy, 3D, etc – for authorized resellers only. In a few cases, a brand owner might also restrict certain PDSs to particular authorized resellers only.

What is Full Icecat?

Full Icecat contains the product specifications and additional information for tens of thousands of brands in one single standardized data format, which facilitates easy categorizing, filtering, searching and comparing of products. In addition, non-standardized product information is converted by Icecat editors into consistent content for digital catalogs and delivered through structured repositories.

In case you need higher catalog coverage, you will need Full Icecat. For more information, see the Icecat Susbcription Plans.

If you want to upgrade to Full Icecat, please contact us via the contact form, or click on the “request Full Icecat access” link after the User Login.

What’s the difference between Open Icecat and Full Icecat?

In terms of product content, Full Icecat just has more brands and therefore more product data-sheets. Further, service levels and/or coverage guarantees can be provided in case of Full Icecat subscriptions. For a detailled overview see the Icecat Subscription Plans, and read more about the main advantages of Full Icecat over free Open Icecat.

What’s the coverage of my Catalog?

After registration and login, you can upload yourself you catalog and/or price list for automated coverage analysis. If you want help with increasing your coverage, think of:
– taking care that your GTINs (EAN, UPC, etc.) are known by Icecat
– use also Brand and Brand Product Code for matching
request us help with improving the coverage of your catalog.

In which Verticals or Categories is Icecat active?

Icecat is active in Tech, Consumer Electronics, Telecom, Office Supplies, Toys, Do It Yourself, Media, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (or CPG), Personal Care and Baby, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports, Entertainment & Hobby, Pet care, and Medical.
On a daily basis, Icecat adds new categories. In case you want your category to be supported, please contact us.

What does Full Icecat cost?

The Subscription Plans of Icecat are start with free Open Icecat, and next small, standard and unlimited subscription plans for Full Icecat. You can request a Full Icecat offer via the login area, or by contacting us.

Which information may be available in a product data-sheet (PDS)?

All product information is converted into consistent content for digital catalogs and delivered through structured repositories. Datasheets contain the following information:

  • Brand name
  • Brand Product Code
  • Categorization (UNSPSC based)
  • Product images (unlimited) and feature logos
  • Reasons to buy
  • Multimedia content (demos, product video’s, 3D, product stories)
  • Multilingual marketing text
  • Standardized specifications for search & compare
  • Leaflets, User manuals (PDF)
  • Options (related products)
  • Alternative products
  • General Data: release date, modification date
  • Logistic data: GTIN (EAN/UPC) code, weight & dimensions
  • Product variants

In how many languages is the content available?

All specifications, e.g. spec names and values, are available into the 60+  locales (country/language combinations) that Icecat supports.

What kind of output formats are available?

Icecat supports XML, CSV, JSON, Html (LIVE Javascript inserts), and interfaces to popular e-commerce and PIM systems through partners. In addition, see the manuals for detailed information about different integration methods.

Which JSON and XML Error Messages can I get using Icecat?

You can find all possible error messages and codes that users may get while sending Icecat JSON or XML product file requests via the following post

How do I integrate Icecat into my platform?

Potentially, you can integrate Icecat data yourself and, depending on the format, with your IT team’s support. In addition, please refer to our manuals for a step-by-step explanation of how to integrate Icecat on your platform. Click here to access our manuals.

In case you need a connector, Icecat works with several of them: Magento, Icepim, Prestashop, etc. See the overview of add-ons. Please, contact us for more information or leave a message below.

Where Can I suggest a new add-on?

Check the add-on partner page and leave your comment.

Can I get Icecat data in my own template?

Yes, this is possible. Please, contact us or leave a message below to discuss the possibilities.

Can I receive Icecat data in CSV format?

Yes, this is possible. In order to receive our data in CSV format, you can download a Personal Catalogue File. For instructions on how to download your Personal Catalogue File, please click here.

Is it possible to receive the Icecat data in Excel format?

Yes, this is possible. In order to receive our data in Excel format, you can download a Personal Catalogue File. When downloading the file, choose to show the feature as a header. For instructions on how to download your Personal Catalogue File, please click here.

What are the benefits of Icecat?

What are some of the main benefits of Icecat product content?

  • Firstly, cost-efficient content solution: decrease the in-house costs for e-commerce by replacing your expensive in-house or other content provider solutions with Full Icecat.
  • Secondly, increased content quality: increase your customer satisfaction and boost your sales with higher quality content.
  • Thirdly, lower returns & improved customer loyalty: convert your visitors into buyers with simple and accurate search & compare features and rich basic & multimedia content information.
  • Lastly, increase efficiency within the organization: use the product information for internal and external communication and channel your sources to other areas to increase capabilities

Can I invite my suppliers to enter their own product data into Icecat?

Yes, you can. We offer a free Vendor Central, your free PIM, as a standard functionality as part of Full Icecat subscriptions.

Is it is possible to add product reviews?

Yes, we provide a database with expert reviews. See also the reviews manual.

Can I get Cross-sell Options, Accessories and Supplies?

Yes, in so-called related products in a product data-sheet. In case you need specific relations supported, the Icecat team can be of help. Please, contact us in that case.

I heard about ICURY, what is it?

ICURY is Icecat’s experimental crypto token. In addition, see for more information about Icecat’s cryptocurrency: ICURY (ICY). The crypto token is a loyalty token. And you can obtain them through airdrops. See also the FAQ ICURY.

What is a PIM, or Product Information Management?

In short, PIM is a new type of software-based solution that supports brand owners and their channel partners with product information management. Icecat has over 20 years of expertise in product information management and makes them available through its free solutions and cloud subscriptions.

Can I get help with a PIM to feed my webshop or e-com environment?

Yes, please check out Icepim.

How can I integrate the price feeds of all my suppliers with Icecat?

Check out the supplier import module of Iceshop. Iceshop can add new suppliers on request. And combines the price and availability feeds of suppliers, typically distributors, with Icecat PDSs.

What are my rights if a brand asks to remove images?

Please, read our overview of the legal context regarding the only re-use of copyright protected materials in the EU or the US. Please, read the post carefully. To a certian extend the use of Open Icecat grants permissions also to use a brand’s copyrighted materials, but these permissions might be revoked or subject to certain brand-specific limitations. The Full Icecat license excludes 3rd party copyrighted materials.

The vast of Icecat product content users these FAQ’s answer their questions. Moreover, all Icecat product content users with additional questions can contact us directly.

  • commented on November 20, 2020 by G.Smith

    Iam interested in the LG 43 inch 43LF540T and would like to know the price of the tv please

  • commented on December 7, 2020 by lars Walling Pedersen

    Hi, I have bought 2 myLiving Ceiling Lamp CL550 White, EAN no. 8718699680978, which are mounted as ceiling lamps. The installation is with crosspondance. When the lamps are switched on, they are at different light settings, 10/50%, el. 50/100% !? How do I get them to turn on the same settings (%)?

  • commented on July 18, 2023 by Thorsten Stiegen

    We have a digital market place where our customers meet their suppliers. In order to optimize the user experience we would like to get access to manufacturer content.

  • commented on October 6, 2023 by Carlos Montevideo


    We want to know the cost and dispatch time of:

    Manufacturer Part No.: CI44E-200-MOELLER
    Quantity: 2 pieces.

    Send information for formal quote:

    Billing Address:
    Grextan LLC.
    EIN: 92-3130648
    2000 W 86th Ave, apt R-523, Merrillville, IN, 46410.

    Shipping Address :
    Grextan LLC. Attention. Carlos Montevideo.
    8020 NW 71st St, Miami, FL 33166.

    I remain attentive to comments.

    Kind regards.

    Carlos Montevideo

  • commented on November 7, 2023 by lakil essady

    Hi We would like to upgrade to Full Icecat and use it to complete content for one of our clients. We are interested in the pack of multicategories not one vertical.

    Best regards

    • commented on November 7, 2023 by Wouter Maatman

      Hi Lakil, thanks for your comment. Our country manager Maria Diaz contacted you today. Regards, Wouter

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