Manual for Testseek Product Reviews Integration via Icecat


Icecat provides aggregated expert reviews from our partner Testseek, as an add-on service for both Open Icecat and Full Icecat users. For Open Icecat users, the content is limited to the brands which sponsor Icecat for reviews. Full Icecat users who have a subscription for reviews, will have access to all Testseek reviews for all brands.

For the convenience of our users, Icecat distinguish reviews as follows:

  • Active/Inactive: active products are products which are currently seen by Icecat as “on the market”. In the Icecat XML index files, the related tag is “market presence”.
  • We split the reviews per language.

Options for Testseek integration

If you subscribe to the reviews via Icecat, you can do your integration using either the Testseek or Icecat API (Application Programming Interface).

Integration via Icecat
Icecat offers an XML Reviews API, the API has two parts:

Integration via Testseek

  • Live API (Example:
    For clients who wants a quick and easy integration, Testseek offer a “Live API” which can respond with preformatted HTML (ajax/JS). The client controls the design via a locally hosted CSS. The live API can also respond with XML.
  • XML import systems
    For clients who don’t want to do real time requests to external servers, Testseek offers an XML export API which enables the client to import and keep all data locally.
    For more information about Testseek’s integration options, see this page: or contact

Important legal notes

Testseek operates under citation right, and the EU copyrights directive, and US “fair use” framework allowing linking and quotation. Testseek quotes reviews, which were originally
published on third party online websites. During Testseek’s over ten years of existence it hasn’t ever received any legal claim.

Citation right

  • When quoting a 3rd party publication, it is required to clearly state the original
    publication source of the review (like: “written by:”).
  • It is not required to include a link to the original article.

Nevertheless, Testseek’s policies for quoting third party reviews are:

  • Always clearly state the original publication source.
  • Always link to the original publication source.

As long as Testseek’s client or user follows Testseek’s quotation policies, Testseek will take full responsibility. But, If Testseek’s policies are not followed, Testseek will take no responsibility.
In case that you (as a user) are approached by a publisher which claim copyrights
to any third party content, please report it immediately to testseek or Icecat, as Icecat will report this without delay to Testseek.


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