Disney Conversion Boosted by 11 Percent by Icecat

Icecat Services Boost Disney Conversion

The Walt Disney Company (Disney), founded on October 16, 1923, is one of the world’s largest entertainment and media companies. Disney sells licenses for hundreds of different characters such as Mickey Mouse, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Captain America. Disney sells the licenses of these characters to toy brands like LEGO, Mattel, and Hasbro. 

What were Disney’s challenges?

Disney wants to support all its licenses, enrich the existing Disney product content of its licensees, and also increase online conversion. Further, its wish is to have a consistent product presentation of all its product licenses across various channels and marketplaces, globally. In order to optimize the online brand awareness, customer journey, and conversion rate, powerful branding for the licenses conforming to Disney’s strategy and guidelines, is essential.

Furthermore, Disney’s challenge was to create an easier product search and comparison system for all its channel partners. Another crucial point is being able to give an optimal advice and experience to its end-users. All this is to increase sales and become even more successful in e-commerce.

Why did Disney choose Icecat?

Disney chose Icecat as Icecat already works with major toy brands like LEGO, Hasbro, and Mattel, which use licenses from Disney. Furthermore, Icecat has an established global toy retailer network, making it very easy for connected online toy retailers to adopt Disney’s guidelines for harmonized product content. The Icecat platform is a perfect environment to host different digital assets including marketing texts, images, videos, and enhanced Product Stories. All available in one global and multilingual platform. Finally, the Icecat editorial team supports mapping and adopted and improved the Disney taxonomy.


Disney and Icecat, together with the Dutch toy retailer Intertoys, showcased the benefits in a pilot, to prove the power of the Icecat solution.

How Icecat helped Disney?

Firstly, the Icecat team aligned and optimized its toys taxonomy based on Disney guidelines. In this case, the content for the agreed characters and license are aligned.

Secondly, for smooth product content delivery, Icecat and Intertoys aligned their taxonomy as well. Icecat provided Intertoys (a large toy specialist in the Netherlands) with the Icecat taxonomy enriched with the Disney specifications.

Disney e-Commerce guide

After that, Intertoys upgraded to the new taxonomy and automatically received the Disney specifications from Icecat.

Disney Reasons-to-Buy

Next, the branding of the product was improved for the Disney Marvel products. The Icecat editorial team created Reasons-to-Buy to enhance traditional product descriptions by adding rich content in order to improve the shopping experience for customers. Reasons-to-Buy in Icecat consists of a title, a short description and explanation of the product’s key benefits, and related images. 

Furthermore, on top of the product images, Icecat added branded feature logos, like Marvel’s.

Disney feature logo

To further improve the branding, Icecat introduced generic enhanced Product Stories. Some products already had unique and dedicated Product Stories. For the other brand and licensed products, Product Stories were created so that all products have enhanced content.

All product content is combined, respecting Disney’s specifications, and enriched with reasons-to-buy,
recommended products, and enhanced Product Stories in a so-called Icecat product datasheet. Icecat describes, updates, categorizes, standardizes, and synchronizes the product content in the Icecat catalog for the Disney licenses.

Disney with basic content
Disney with enriched content

+11% Conversion rate with Icecat Enhanced Product Stories!

Together with Intertoys, Icecat did two A/B tests on Marvel products that were enriched with all product content assets and one A/B test only with enhanced Product Stories. The goal of the A/B test is to randomly split the audience in half, test a number of variations of a campaign, and determine which performs better. In conclusion, the results of enriching the Marvel products at Intertoys are outstanding:

All product content assetsOnly with enhanced Product Stories
Time on the product page+2%+8%

By adding products to the Icecat catalog, brand owners can at the same time syndicate their product content and respect their licensee’s guidelines. The content can also be enriched with generic license information, enhanced specifically per product while projecting a consistent brand image across multiple channels globally.

To conclude, any brand owner can support its licenses through Icecat for a better online product experience, which will result in a higher conversion rate, revenue, and profit.

If you have any questions about how Icecat services boost the Disney conversion rate or how to increase the conversion rates of your products, please contact us directly.

Chief Business Development Officer - Initiator of the Icecat toys data model together with the toy industry

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