Icecat’s Mission: Product Content for Making Sustainable Buyer Decisions

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Sustainable Consumption Information Provided by Icecat

Icecat’s global mission is to provide e-commerce partners with high-quality product information that helps their buyers make better and sustainable purchase decisions, in any world language, in any country, and on any device or media. As much as possible in the form of Open Content. And, to provide any tool or add-on to make working with product content as easy as possible. The sustainability dimension is reflected in the investments we make to show specs, features, and logos related to the environmental footprint of products.

Open catalog

More and more manufacturers work together with Icecat to take care of their product content and to make sure that their product content is ubiquitously available and therefore provided for free to their channel and application partners. Hence the Open Icecat model, which consists of open product content distributed under an open content license.
Here, you can always find the latest overview of sponsoring (free) Open Icecat brands. Don’t worry, if the brands that you are carrying are not on this list. Because in Full Icecat, we are supporting data-sheets of 10,000s of brands. Just search the Icecat catalog to get an idea.

Is there a catch with the free product content? No, because in that case, the manufacturers take care of the product content and related costs. But, there is one thing that we ask the users of free Open Icecat: inform your business partners (distributors, manufacturers, etailers) via a newsletter and your website that you are using Open Icecat, and that you would like your partners to join as well. The more partners join, the better and more complete Open Icecat will become.


Join Icecat as a user, sponsor, Free Vendor Central participant, or as a developer, and benefit from and contribute to our fast-growing global content ecosystem. The more you share, the more you get.

Martijn Hoogeveen
CEO Icecat

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Founder and CEO of Icecat NV. Investor. Ph.D.

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