Belgian Retailer Vavantas Joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program

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Belgian Toy Retailer Vavantas Joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program

Vavantas joins Icecat Free Vendor Central Program. The Belgium toy retailer opened its first shop in 1972 and runs now two physical stores. It uses the Icecat product content for its online webshop. Vavantas asks its suppliers to register for Icecat Free Vendor Central to enrich their product data themselves for Vavantas and other participants in the program. Or to join Open Icecat, for unlimited syndication of all their product information to any of their channel partners.

Some great benefits for Vavantas vendors

As Vavantas joins Icecat, its vendors can profit from many benefits. Firstly, after registration, product content, like product titles, descriptions, specifications, images, and product videos, can immediately be entered into Icecat. This has to be done by a brand representative. Secondly, once an information update happens, Icecat gets a real-time notification and can push the data to live immediately. Thirdly, product information goes straight into the Icecat database. The channel partner can automatically ingest the standardized content. Most important, Icecat is FREE to use. And finally, additional service levels can be agreed upon.

Prestashop connector

Vanvantas successfully uses the Iceshop Prestashop connector. This content connector automatically imports and publishes Icecat product content on the Vavantas webshop. For example product images, specifications, and descriptions. All products will be automatically updated with content, every day.

For more information you can register for Free Vendor Central.

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