VTech Wins Icecat Toy Popularity Monitor 2020, LEGO most sustainable

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The Icecat Toy Popularity Monitor 2020, which Icecat introduced last year, are based on the Icecat taxonomy as inspired by the NPD categories. In short, the NPD main categories are Action Figure & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Building Sets, Dolls, Explorative & Other Toys, Games & Puzzles, Outdoor & Sports Toys, Plush, Vehicles, and Youth Electronics. The winners of the Icecat Toy Popularity Monitor are based on the number of product data-sheet downloads, i.e., product data requests through searches or otherwise in the global Icecat catalog.

Before, Icecat announced the winners during the Spielwarenmesse exhibition. But, this year we announce the overall winner and each category winner online and communicate individually due to the pandemic circumstances.

The Icecat Popularity Monitor 2020 covers almost 1,000 brands. The overall winner, with 5% of data-sheet downloads and searches, is VTech. VTech wins this award now for the second consecutive year, after winning last year as well. Runner up is LEGO with 4%, and Hasbro completes the Top 3. In the Top 10, we see several Open Icecat participants. Some of these are also a winner in toy sub-categories.

VTech Wins Icecat Toy Popularity Monitor

Most Active User: Prenatal Retail Group S.p.A.

The Prenatal Retail Group S.p.A., the toys leader and a major player in Italy with 50 years of retail experience, is the user in our global syndication network that downloaded the most toy content during 2020. It adopted the Icecat Toys Data Model and covers its 10,000s of products, sold through its e-commerce environments toyscenter.itprenatal.combimbostore.com, and king-jouet.com. Additionally, The Prenatal Retail Group runs 253 physical stores, including 148 directly operated stores.

Most Sustainable: LEGO

LEGO is the winner in the Most Sustainable category. LEGO plans to make all of its packaging fully sustainable by 2025 and the LEGO bricks before 2030, so that the materials of these environmentally friendly components can be reused for decades. Furthermore, LEGO wants to reduce its CO2 impact and have a zero-waste target ambition for its factories before 2025. And finally, LEGO has a partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to reduce the carbon emissions in their manufacturing and supply chain operations and promote global action on climate change. Because of all these initiatives and policies combined, Icecat declared LEGO to the Most Sustainable winner in the Toys category.

Action Figure & Accessories: FUNKO

The winner in Action Figure & Accessories, with 27% of product data requests through searches or otherwise, is FUNKO. Hasbro follows with 12% and Spin Master with 5% of requests, and thus complete the Top 3.

Action Figure/Accessories
Number of Brands: 227
*Participant in Open Icecat

Arts & Crafts: Hasbro

In the category Arts & Crafts, Hasbro is with 6% of product data-sheet requests, through searches, or otherwise, the winner. SES Creative, Jumbo, and Spin Master are Open Icecat participants in this category.

Arts & Crafts
Number of Brands: 220
*Participant in Open Icecat

Building Sets: LEGO

In the category, Building Sets Open Icecat Sponsor LEGO is, with 70% of downloads, the winner. Next are Spin Master, Geomag, Giochi Preziosi, and SmartMax.

Building Sets
Number of Brands: 185
*Participant in Open Icecat

Dolls: Mattel

The winner in the category Dolls, with 29% of product data-sheet downloads, is Mattel. Second is Zapf with 15% and third is MGA Entertainment with 13%. The Open Icecat participants in the Top 10 are Zapf, MGA Entertainment, Giochi Preziosi, IMC Toys, and VTech.

Number of Brands: 143
*Participant in Open Icecat

Explorative & Other Toys: VTech

In the category Explorative & Other Toys, VTech is, with 15% of downloads, the winner. VTech, Jumbo, Spin Master, and Giochi Preziosi, Sylvanian Families are Open Icecat participants.

Number of Brands: 407
*Participant in Open Icecat

Games/Puzzles: Jumbo

Open Icecat Sponsor Jumbo is the winner in the category Games & Puzzles, with 26% of product data requests through searches or otherwise. In the top 10 in this category, we see seven Open Icecat participants: Jumbo, Sony, Ravensburger, Microsoft, King, Castorland, Tactic, and Spin Master.

Number of Brands: 381
*Participant in Open Icecat

Outdoor & Sports Toys: Bestway

With 24% of product data requests through searches or otherwise, Bestway is the winner of Outdoor & Sports Toys. In this category, Bestway, Little Tikes, EXIT, and AXI are also Open Icecat participants.

Number of Brands: 367
*Participant in Open Icecat

Plush: TY

TY is with 22% of downloads, product data requests through searches, or otherwise, the category winner. In this category, Spin Master, Giochi Preziosi, Lumo Stars, and IMC Toys are Open Icecat participants.

Number of Brands: 226
*Participant in Open Icecat

Vehicles: Spin Master

Spin Master is the winner in the category Vehicles, with 13% of product data requests through searches or otherwise. In the top 10 in this category, we see four Open Icecat Sponsors: Spin Master, VTech, Little Tikes, and Lena.

Number of Brands: 294
*Participant in Open Icecat

Youth Electronics: VTech

VTech dominates this category with 40%. Sponsor Spin Master is second, with 12% of product data requests through searches or otherwise. The top 10 in this category exists of four Open Icecat Sponsors: Spin Master, VTech, Kurio, Samsung, and Giochi Preziosi.

Number of Brands: 140
*Participant in Open Icecat

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