Google and Icecat Scale Up Partnership and help LEGO, Intel, VTech and L’Oréal by Enriching Product Search

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In making or breaking an online sale,  great content is the key differentiating factor. Since 2018, Google and Icecat cooperate in the seamless upload of accurate product content into Google Manufacturer Center (MC). This is live for LEGO, Intel, VTech, L’Oreal and Supermicro.

Last year, Google and Icecat introduced their co-operation together in Amsterdam, in a meetup attended by numerous brands, presenting Google Manufacturer Center and how Icecat can help brands to upload their rich product content into it. Now, this co-operation is being scaled up as Google has asked Icecat to pre-load product content from ALL its hundreds of client brands.

Case Studies: Impressions and Clicks Increase

The brand case studies show that enriching Google with a brand’s product content, leads to 22-47% more impressions, and 27-37% more clicks. The explanation is that product searches and shopping offers are better matched if the key specs are filled. And, convincing product stories lead to a higher conversion rate.

What Authoritative Data is Accepted?

“Google Manufacturer Center allows manufacturers and other brand owners to submit authoritative product data, which is used to power commercial results across Google”, according to Anand Vora of Google. Through the Icecat Google MC connection, brand content with a matching GTIN is uploaded. Currently Google MC accepts product identifiers, marketing texts, product images, product videos from Youtube, product stories (based on Icecat Reasons-To-Buy), and a limited number of product specs, which are mapped by the Icecat taxonomy team.

Supported specs include: disclosure date, release date, suggested retail price, product type, product page URL, color, material, pattern, size, size type, size system, gender, age group, count, capacity, theme, scent, flavor, and format.

Anand Vora of Google presenting Google Manufacturer Center 

The authoritative data is visibly improving the display of product data-sheets that are provided by retailers in Google Shopping.

Geographical Roll-out

Icecat supports a fully automated upload to Google MC. Critical points of attention are the presence of GTINs, as these are typically provided for retail products, but not necessarily for B2B products.
Currently, the supported countries include US, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden. Technically, all around 40 countries in which Google Manufacturer Center is currently active.

Emre Tan of Icecat jointly presenting the Icecat solution

Towards 1-click Data Partner Activation

In Google Manufacturer Center, a brand needs to select Icecat as data partner. Icecat and Google are now progressing with a pre-load of all Open Icecat product data for all Icecat’s hundreds of sponsoring brands. The effect is that the moment a sponsoring brands selects Icecat as data partner in Google MC, automatically the pre-loaded product content is channeled into Google. The data for the first ten brands is pre-loaded. Now, we work on having this scaled up to all hundreds of sponsoring brands before X-mas.
On request we can of course quickly prioritize your brand’s product content.

Improve your Brand Experience in Google?

Read here the steps to get your brand’s product content uploaded to Google MC through Icecat.

Please, contact your Icecat account manager or contact us online for more information.


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