Marketplace Sellers add their data in Free Vendor Central

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Icecat Supports Marketplaces with Free Seller Central

Icecat opens its free Vendor Central to third-party Marketplace Sellers to enter their product data. Typically to better promote their offers. Many retail and distribution partners embrace Vendor Central already. Therefore, it is a logical next step to allow also marketplaces to use Vendor Central for requesting product data. Not only from brand owners but from their sellers as well. What do we mean with “seller”? We mean with “seller” any business that sells directly to consumers, typically via a marketplace platform. Examples of marketplaces are eBay, Amazon, BOL, Alibaba, and other e-commerce platforms that are open to 3rd party sellers. It is a trend.


Who is using Vendor Central? On the one hand, it is in use by hundreds of brands, on a daily basis. On the other hand, the product information of thousands of products, entered by these brands, is downloaded by leading distributors, retailers, and marketplaces. Together with data entered by Icecat’s editorial team, this results in a significant improvement in the quality and coverage of seller catalogs.

Free access for Marketplace Sellers

Why offer free access to sellers? The freemium business model of Vendor Central lifts the entry barriers for brands that want to share their product data with any of their channel partners. Similarly, we believe that a freemium model is also the best approach for empowering marketplaces with content that sells. Thus, we help the marketplace to help their sellers.

Marketplaces often operate a dual business model, which combines their direct retail offerings (1P) with marketplace seller (3P) listings. We aim to support all product data for both, 1P and 3P, listing types.

How does it work for a seller? Firstly, sellers of participating marketplaces need to register their own free account. Next, they can start adding product data immediately. This product content will have a different quality tag to separate it from brand and Icecat driven content. Finally, our editorial team takes care of Quality Assurance. Our team is available to help with additional service levels as well.

For more information, please contact Icecat or your account manager directly.

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