How to Create Product Content That Drives Conversion?

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Product content is all the information provided by retailers or brands to describe and promote their offerings. It includes product names, images, videos, weights and dimensions, prices, instructions for use, and reviews. The more comprehensive and relevant the product information is, the more chances that a potential customer will make the right decision. The more accurate and reliable the product description is the lower the chance of product returns and poor customer experience. But, how to create product content that drives more leads? Here is my advice on successful product content writing.

Write a killer headline that focuses on your product’s target audience 

Your headline, or typically the product title, is the first thing readers notice about product stories. The title determines whether or not they continue reading the content or bounce from the page. In short some key takeaways:

  • Use titles with about seven words
  • Use relevant numbers in the title
  • The first word features what, why, how, or how in case of a product story

Create unique and enriched product stories

Apart from the headline, it is important to create original and fresh product descriptions to encourage further reading. Present successful use cases. Further, avoid duplicate content, as it will not improve your Google ranking. Most importantly, include interactive elements in your content. For example, invest in high-quality product images that can be enlarged, create multimedia product stories or videos that tell the story behind your product range. Successful stories tap into the Zeitgeist: sustainability, defeating COVID-19, etc.

Keep in mind that most of your audience is reading your content on a smartphone. Therefore, your content should be adaptive.

Add reviews

It’s not just what you tell about your products, but what they tell about them, what turns visitors into buyers. Trusted reviews can be a springboard for content ideas. Content from well-known third-party review sites adds a level of credibility. Reviews do not have to just come from someone’s peers. Visitors trust credible online reviews as much as personal recommendations as long as fake reviews are eliminated. And as long as critical consumer comments are included as well. These are an opportunity to turn a dissatisfied client into a satisfied one!

Thus, aggregated consumer and professional reviews result in data-driven e-commerce interactions and are an inevitable part of today’s customer journey.

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