How Effective is Facebook for Airdrop Campaigns? Icury Group Passes 1,000 Members

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First Facebook campaign for Icecat. 1.000+ members for Icury group

From mid-February till mid-March, Icecat tried its first paid Facebook campaign to promote the Icury Airdrop V as a followup on free campaigns with specialized airdrop websites in 2019 and January.  With this Facebook campaign Icecat targeted people that have an interest in cryptocurrencies in Asia, India, and Europe. The free airdrop campaign had already taught us that most respondents are from low-income countries and from countries with a developed crypto industry such as South-Korea, Hong-Kong and Japan.

Facebook crypto ad performs better in Asia

The Facebook campaign generated 159,236 impressions, reached 71,232 people and generated 1,636 unique click-throughs with an average cost per click of € 0.03 and a total spend of € 60,-.

In general, the ad performed best in Asia. 66% of the audience were men age 18 to 35. The ad was placed mainly (75.5%) in the News Feed of the Mobile App of Facebook users and it appeared in in-stream videos 23.3% of the time. The ad in India performed better than the European ad: in India we reached more than 25,000 people, 73% of which were men age 18 to 35. Compared to the ad in the rest of Asia, the ad in India was placed almost only in the News Feed on the Mobile app – 98.7% of the time.

Free Airdrop Campaign more Effective than Paid Facebook Campaign

From the graph below we can see the visitors of the blog post that can be divided into three periods. First, the period that the Airdrop V went live. Second, two big bumps as a result of several free airdrop site campaigns. Third, a steady number of visitors day by day during the period of the Facebook campaign launched mid-February.

Visitors of Airdrop V blogpost on Iceclog

Does starting a Facebook campaign generate more Icury members? We can conclude that an Airdrop V campaign via free-airdrop sites reaches far more people in a short period of time, and also led to far more registrations. Starting a Facebook campaign generate a more controlled and constant amount of visitors each day, which can lead to a slightly higher base line, but is for sure not more cost-effective than the free ads on specialized airdrop sites.

Icury Group Passed 1,000 Members

During these 30 days the ad was live, the ICURY group on Iceclog passed 1,000 members thanks to an increase with almost 100 members to the current 1,060 members. The other 960 members were all generated by the free airdrop campaigns.

It is still possible to join the ICURY pilot and get 62.5 free ICY tokens (ERC20) and trade them at Nocks (ICY-EUR) and Txbit (ICY-BTC).

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