5 Killer Tips For A Successful Online Store

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What is the key to making it in the online market? A striking idea, an innovative and optimized web design & content, marketing enhancement or simply a firm social media presence?

Have a look at Icecat’s infographic to get 5 killer tips for a successful online store and challenge your e-business:

5 tips for online store

1. Unique positioning

Be unique! Dig in and find out what is needed, or is yet unknown in your desirable market. Maybe you want to be the first one to introduce a brand new field with your breakthrough online store. Then watch out for one-of-a-kind products/services, categories and other companies. This will make your online store stand out from the monotonous look-alike other e-commerce brands.

2. Your channel

As competition is fierce in the online world, especially with Amazon and eBay as leaders, make customer experience a priority. For that reason personalization based on previous purchases and searches, customer segments, and localization should be focused on and closely examined. What differentiates Amazon, for instance, is the seamless user experience they offer to their clients – identical experience everywhere the customer shops from. Hence, omni-channelling should be your other priority as well.

3. Customer engagement & Content

When talking about websites and what they say about a store, many tend to downgrade the power of design and content. It takes persistence in its details in order to find the balance in your website and, of course, make the most out of it. CRM, in particular, is combines all customer information from order information to when and who last was in contact with them. This discloses and maintains an attentive and promising relationship with the particular client. What is more, excellent online support, advanced SEO Blog, shifting to mobile responsiveness & buying are just a couple of the crucial elements a successful online store should have integrated in their website. And, indeed, content – don’t forget – keep your data up-to-date. You can do that easily and fast with our Open Icecat Catalogue!

4. Marketing

Since the beginning, email marketing has been number one. It enhances repeat purchases, new sales, AOV (average order value), and customer loyalty on an automatic basis. Nonetheless, it should not be your only marketing technique. Video marketing is increasingly gaining popularity due to the possibility to establish dimensionally different but sincere connection with your target group. It, also, urges for honesty and transparency which is always greatly valued by your audience. Lastly, try to broaden your networking and invite famous industry bloggers and influencers to talk about your online store. This is extra ‘publicity’ which exposes your brand to thousands of new promising opportunities.

5. Finally – Be Present on Social Media

It is well-known that social media is a driving force for any business today. However, there is much more to the typical media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, One approach, is for instance, to try retargeting users who have visited your brand’s website to come back and purchase. This can be done through campaigns which are relatable to these customers, or also user-generated content. The latter, further, creates a more genuine engagement for the customers and feeling of being celebrated. Or many businesses actually apply alternatives like marketplaces which can help shaping your production process.

All in all, it is most definitely challenging to enter such a dominant and relentless market, but also quite bold and certainly not impossible. Follow these 5 Killer Tips and see how your online store transforms! You may also check the Top Five Online Shopping Frustrations that customers experience.

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