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Yealink product content

Chinese-based Yealink‘s product content is now available in the Open Icecat catalog. Yealink (Stock Code: 300628), a global leading provider in Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C), specializes in video conferencing, voice communications, and high-quality collaboration solutions. As one of the top providers in UC&C, Yealink works with more than 100 distributors across 140 countries and regions. According to Frost & Sullivan 2018-2019, Yealink ranks No 1 in the global SIP phone shipments market. It has an estimated market share of around 30%.

Through the unique Open Icecat syndication model, Yealink can reach out to its full channel with its engaging UC&C product content, enabling its tens of thousands of retailers to provide their clients with greater buyer experiences.

Free Content for Yealink wireless headsets

In January 2021, Yealink announced the release of its WH6x-Series DECT Wireless Headsets×UC Workstation. For the initial pilot, Yealink selected four headsets models: the WH62, WH63, WH66, and WH67. The datasheets in Icecat mention both the Teams and UC versions for each headset model.

Yealink headset product content

Basic and Rich content available

Yealink invites its e-commerce partners to collect its standardized content from Open Icecat, free of charge. Here, retailers can download Yealink’s digital assets, including product specifications, marketing texts, product images, brochures, and logos. Next to the basic content, users are also free to use rich media assets such as Product Stories (A+ content), images, videos, and the Reasons-To-Buy for each Yealink headset. Yealink has licensed Icecat to syndicate its copyrighted materials through Open Icecat to any of its channel partners.

Yealink resellers are not just provided with product content, but they can fully automate the ingestion of product specifications and other digital assets into their own e-commerce platforms, where they offer Yealink solutions to end-users. Furthermore, timely Yealink product content is always available, ensuring that resellers are up to date and won’t display obsolete content. Also, the WH6x datasheets (e.g., WH62 Dual Teams) are now fully available in English and Dutch. Furthermore, the basic content is supported in more than 60+ languages. Resellers can access the Yealink product content in XML, JSON, and other standard exchange formats.

How to access the data?

Are you already an Icecat user, then you can log in and download the Yealink product content directly. If not, please register now and set up your account.

For more information on accessing the data in Icecat, please contact your local account manager directly, or contact Icecat online. For more corporate information about Yealink, please visit its Yealink website.

Finally, we encourage Yealink resellers to request brand authorization from Yealink via the Icecat interface. In this case, makes sure to reach out to for authorization and other business opportunities.

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