What is a Product Data Sheet and Why is It Important?

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You might be surprised to learn that product sheets are a crucial element of the e-commerce experience, directly impacting your sales. Today, we’ll dive deeper into their key features and importance, helping you optimize your website once you finish reading this article. 

What is a Product Data Sheet?

A product data-sheet is a crucial document that captures essential information about a specific product. Aimed at potential customers, partners, and stakeholders, it is intended to inform and facilitate easier decision making. It contains key aspects and features that enable the user to better understand the product in question. It functions as a quick reference, enables product comparison, improves communication, and is valuable material in marketing and sales.

Why are Product Sheets Important?

In the world of e-commerce, where physical contact with the product is non-existent, product data sheets become a crucial element in connecting the customer with the item they wish to purchase. The absence of the sensory experience, or not being able to try or touch the product, creates a barrier that well-crafted product data sheets can break down.

A complete and high-quality product data sheet, with detailed images and precise descriptions, is essential to reduce the perceived risk for the customer when buying online. The more complete the information, the greater the user’s confidence in the purchase and, therefore, the lower the probability of returns or dissatisfaction.

Advantages of Product Data Sheet

Increase sales

Product data sheets allow you to showcase the benefits of a product with images and detailed text, generating customer confidence and increasing sales. They can be adapted to different markets (B2B and B2C) and included in marketing campaigns.

Reduce risks

In industries with specific regulations (chemicals, electronics), product data sheets are essential to demonstrate that products meet safety standards. This reduces the risk of legal non-compliance.

Share key information

Product data sheets communicate product characteristics such as dimensions, materials, and instructions on how to use them. They are easy to store and distribute in digital or physical format, making them useful for internal meetings, stores, and online consultations.

Provide consistent information

Product data sheets guarantee clear communication of complex technical data. They display product specifications and features, facilitating their visualization in online environments and reducing returns.

Compare products

Product data sheets allow you to highlight product variants and provide detailed information about an entire line. This improves the user experience and offers them more options to make informed purchasing decisions.

Investing in quality product data sheets is an investment in customer confidence, overall satisfaction, and business growth.

Icecat Product Data Sheets.

Icecat has been in the industry for more than 20 years developing the biggest product catalog with the correct product sheets to integrate into users’ websites. At Icecat we seek to improve the consumer experience through enriched product sheets, that include images and quality content in addition to marketing texts and detailed descriptions.

Among the latest innovations are the Product Stories, the most innovative and efficient way to present your products. This improvement in the content makes it more attractive and allows companies to tell a story that generates an emotional impact on the customer. An example of success with the integration of Product Stories is our case study with Disney and Intertoys.

The improvement of Icecat’s product sheet is not only about images and content but also about the standardization of information. Through the standardization of information, users will be able to easily catalog, filter and finally buy products. To put it in short, standardization improves and streamlines the way in which users interact with the product, from the initial first-time content user to the potential long-term customer.

What Goes Into Icecat Product Sheet:

  • Brand name
  • Brand Product Code
  • Categorization (UNSPSC based)
  • Product images (unlimited)
  • Multimedia content (demos, product videos, 3D)
  • Multilingual marketing text
  • Digital Product Passport (sustainability data)
  • Product Stories (brand mini-sites)
  • Standardized specifications for search & compare
  • Leaflets (PDF)
  • User manuals (PDF)
  • Product variants
  • Options: cross-sell relationships
  • Alternatives: up-sell and right-sell relationships
  • General Data: release date, modification date
  • Logistic data: GTIN (EAN/UPC) code, weight & dimensions, supplier purchase prices, stock & order codes

Ready to boost your website and e-commerce presence? It all starts with how you present your products, and we hope this blog post brought you some insights on where to start and the importance of correct data sheets. If you would like to know more about the standardization process or Product Stories – contact us and our experts will tell you more about it.

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