Quarantino Time 2: Self Isolation and Home Entertainment in Spain

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Nowadays, the most heard words after “Coronavirus” is “I am bored”. Often during a crisis, people will come up with the most creative ideas. For this reason, the Spanish toy industry has placed these days the consumer in the center of its e-commerce strategy and tries to provide the locked-down Spanish families with entertainment through board games, toys, puzzles, and digital content. It’s Quarantino Time!

Is the online toy trade affected by Coronavirus?

Retail is struggling, but e-commerce has the advantage of having a broader audience that is connected to the Internet than ever before. Most stores are closed and sales are done digitally. The leisure sector is growing, as the whole country is in self-isolation, and therefore online shops specialized in toys and board games are the best partner to combat boredom.

To determine the success of online shops there are more factors besides the increased demand. One important factor is the delivery time which needs to be fast and safe, with a next day delivery option. Second, is having a website with good quality content to be able to offer visitors a better customer journey and help them to make better purchase decisions.

The most important thing in this kind of situation is to take advantage of the available resources, and the Spanish online toy industry has shown us how to play their cards.

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