Product Review: Dr Martens Felix Rub Off (Vegan Model)

Alba Sanchez

Dr Martens Felix Rub Off (Vegan Model)













  • Specifically guaranteed to be vegan-friendly
  • 100% Dr Marten Design
  • More flexible than the original one
  • Long-lasting, strong and good grip
  • Waterproof, anti-slip, acid and petrol resistant


  • A bit more expensive than the original one (only 5 euros)
  • Environmental impact of synthetic materials production
  • Complaints about the size (smaller than the original)

The Dr Martens brand is well known for being one of the most iconic and original brands for boots and all type of long-lasting footwear. For years, its designs, models and colors have fascinated people all over the world. However, there was still one thing that repelled an important and growing number of consumers: the use of leather.

Some months ago, I went to the Dr Martens website when looking for a high quality pair of boots, suitable for hard winter conditions, and at the same time as cool as possible. Once there, I found that recently, they have launched new models that are totally vegan-friendly. The designs of the new models are so similar to the originals that also for non-vegans, considering such sustainable options, is a great idea.

The ones I chose, are called Felix Rub Off and follow the classic Doc model: yellow stitching, and the iconic air-cushioned sole, which is oil, abrasion and slip resistant. Most importantly, the boot’s sole is using the Goodyear Welt, one of the finest methods of manufacturing. The materials used are synthetic and vegan-friendly, soft and supple, and have a subtle two-tone finish. In addition, the durability is ensured like in the original model. It is possible to clean away dirt using a damp cloth, and restore the shine with a clear wax based shoe polish.

Are synthetic materials actually environmental-friendly?

Although the materials used for these shoes are vegan-friendly, since their production avoids animal suffering, producing them has other consequences for the environment. The production process of synthetic materials involve a huge quantity of chemicals, waste and carbon emissions, adding controversy to the claim that these shoes are in general environmental friendly.


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