Portugal’s Leading Retail Chain Worten Works with Icecat to get Content Directly from Brands

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Worten, Portugal’s leading consumer electronics giant, advices its supplier brands to use free Icecat Vendor Central to complete their product content. Last year, Worten started integrating Icecat product content. Worten has been the first of its kind to establish retail locations in main Portuguese and Spanish cities, amounting to over 120 stores in total.

Vendor Central

Worten asks its suppliers, manufacturers, that they can upload their product content into the free Icecat Vendor Central, to ensure that the buyer experience on Worten is as how brand owners like it. The digital assets Worten is typically interested in are specs, marketing texts, product images, reasons to buy, product variants, and further any other rich media asset that brand owners can provide. Great product content will generate more sales for a brand owner, and for Worten alike.

If you want to know more, please contact your Icecat account manager or contact us via the website.


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