Partner Invitation by Brand

Partner Invitation by Brand

The new feature, Partner Invitation by Brand, allows brand managers within the Icecat Vendor Central (PIM – Product Information Management system) to invite their partners to use brands’ product data via Icecat. A brand manager can access the following functionality from the “Invite Partner” button.

Invite Partner
Authorized Partners

The brand manager needs to fill in the following details of the partner to whom he/she wants to send the invitation: Company name, contact name within the company, and his/her email address.

Invitation Email

The invited partners will receive the invitation emails. Upon acceptance of an invitation, registered Icecat users will be redirected to the Icecat login page. After logging in, the user will be automatically authorized to the inviting brand. For the new Icecat users, acceptance of the invitation link will redirect them to the Icecat registration page. After successful registration, the user will also be authorized to the inviting brand.

The brand managers can also check the detailed status of each sent invitation.

Status of sent invitation

It is also possible to generate a report on the data usage of authorized users. In case brand managers would like to receive such a report, they can contact Icecat.

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