Liquidity Icecat shares increases significantly in H1-2021

liquidity npex icecat shares

The liquidity of Icecat shares (depositary receipts; DRs) at NPEX has improved significantly. During the first six months of 2021, excluding over-the-counter (OTC) deals 18K DRs changed hands. This equates to a total transaction volume (DRs * Day Price) of around 175K euro. In the featured image above we doubled the H1-2021 numbers for comparability. It’s likely that during 2021 the transaction volume more than doubles compared to the previous year. These numbers exclude the OTC deals, like the one last February between 12 new investors and our former CCO. As part of Icecat’s employee share incentive plan, around 30 staff members also joined the ranks as Icecat DR investors. Further, during H1-2021 the DR prices moved in a bandwidth of 8.85 and 10.06 euro.

The H1-2021 financial figures are not yet available conforming to Icecat’s financial calendar. But, the non-financial usage figures for H1-2021 of Icecat are already available and they show positive trends. They show a record of 6 billion product data-sheet downloads in H1-2021 and an 88% increase in the use of Free Vendor Central by manufacturers. Additionally, the content production increased by 43% and the popularity of Icecat portals expanded even by 174%. However, such usage figures can’t be translated one-to-one in financial trends.

We’re curious to see how the liquidity trend of Icecat shares at NPEX develops during the second half of 2021.

*Note: numbers are excluding OTC deals.

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