Icecat Expands Footprint in the E-commerce Market

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The popularity of the Icecat site during 2019 was rapidly growing. There are several values showing this trend. The image below shows that from January till December 2019 monthly product views on has increased by 729%.

Improving Alexa rank

According to the Alexa ranking of has been also improving during 2019. In January, it was ranked as number 71012 while in December site had already rank of number 44337. Alexa is not an exact external indicators of relative site popularity, but just as good as it gets.

Alexa rank: the lower the number the more popular the site.

JSON and Live Use Increased by 67%

It is interesting to check what was the share of each request type used by the Icecat channel partners in 2019. The diagram below shows this information. As you can see still XML is the main method used by the Icecat users (74% out of all request types). Interesting fact is that usage of JSON+LIVE has increased by 67% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Global E-commerce Footprint Steadily Expanding

Number of E-commerce Channel Partners also has been growing during all 2019

If we look at the statistics from 2010 we see that the number of the Icecat E-commerce Channel Partners has been growing every year.

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