How to Make the Product Gallery Great Again

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The product image gallery is a beneficial resource that can develop conversion rates without incurring additional expenses and appeal to customers’ minds and feelings without direct interaction. You can get this tool that the Icecat team carefully prepared with just a few actions.

The product image gallery content is structured clearly and organized, giving you the flexibility to choose the images that suit your strategy the most. Here are the most popular image types you can meet:

  • Product images on a white or transparent background;
  • Product packaging images (pack-shots);
  • Lifestyle or ‘Product in use’ images;
  • Annotated product images.

Every image type contains a trigger that can motivate customers to buy the product. Let’s look a bit closer at each.

Product images

Having a single product image in your gallery is acceptable, but providing a detailed viewing of the product with additional images is significantly more beneficial. These images serve as an initial introduction to the product. Providing the customers with the most detailed view of the product will enhance their confidence. The more detailed the views, the more they can provide a tactile feeling, stimulating the customer’s imagination and introducing them to technological or design benefits.

For example, ASUS 90NR04G5-M02420

Product packaging images

The first point of product contact with the customer is the product package, which is why the manufacturer’s marketing team carefully analyzes the customer’s needs and sets the special trigger on the package to assist with purchasing decisions. Collaborate with the manufacturer because sometimes the product package can sell better than the product itself.

For example, Hasbro E5495EU5

Lifestyle product images

Lifestyle product images are also known as “product in use” images. These images are one of the most powerful marketing tools. The lifestyle product images are designed to visualize the customers’ feelings and the way of their life improvement. They are triggering customers’ emotions. The closer the image matches the customers’ dreams, the greater the likelihood of a successful sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to give this experience to your customers.

For example, Chicco 07079472660000

Annotated product images

Such images can be considered a combination of product and lifestyle images, but most importantly, annotated images speak in the customer’s language. Annotated images point to product benefits and specify unique selling points or technology. Use them to touch all sensors of your customers.

For example, HP 2Z624E (Spanish)

Example: Rowenta VU6871F0 (Dutch)

How to implement all types of images?

To provide a better experience and flexibility, Icecat is tagging types of images via digital data channels like Icecat XML, JSON, and CSV. All images tied to the product code can be found inside the block of product XML:

Main product imageIsMain=”Y”
Additional product imagesType=”ProductImage”
Pack-shots imagesType=”ProductPackagingImage”
Lifestyle product imagesType=”LifestyleImage”
Annotated product images*Type=”ProductImageAnnotated”

* Worth to note that, unlike other types, annotated images are local / language dependent (not International), so they are linked to the language. They may contain local annotations, so it is highly recommended to process the langid attribute as it indicates the reference of the annotated image to the locale. A complete list of langid identifiers linked to supported languages can be found in the respective reference index LanguageList.xml.gz inside /refs/ folder. Please read more about the reference in article 4.3 of Icecat XML Guideline.

Annotated Images

Apart from langid which is important in the case of annotated images, there are other attributes related to images in general that can be of help during the design of your syndication process.

XML attribute nameDefinition
LowPicLow-resolution picture URL
LowPicHeight / LowPicWidthHeight / Width (in pixels) of a low-resolution image
LowSizeSize (in bytes) of low-resolution picture
NoIndicative order number of images within the gallery
OriginalOriginal resolution picture URL
OriginalSizeSize (in bytes) of original resolution picture
PicHigh-resolution picture URL
PicHeight / PicWidthHeight / Width (in pixels) of high-resolution image
PicSizeSize (in bytes) of high-resolution picture
ThumbPicThumbnail (75px) resolution picture URL
ThumbSizeSize (in bytes) of thumbnail (75px) resolution picture
Pic500x500500px resolution picture URL
Pic500x500SizeSize (in bytes) of 500px resolution picture
Pic500x500Height / Pic500x500WidthHeight / Width (in pixels) of 500px resolution image
UpdatedDateTimestamp – date & time of upload or recent modification
langidNumerical language identifier of an asset/image. Please mind that it may be missing in case the asset is International.

How height/width/size attributes can be used?

For example, if you have image resolution or size limitations in your project/database / PIM or system, you can easily get an image that fits your expectations.

Do you want a complete list of image types in the Icecat catalog? Please, take a look:

  • Product image
  • Product award
  • Lifestyle image
  • Product packing image
  • Product image annotated
  • Product detail image
  • Screenshot
  • Package contents
  • Schema/chart
  • Other
  • Product image front-center
  • Product image left
  • Product image right
  • Product image top
  • Product image bottom
  • Product image rear
  • Product image front-left
  • Product image front-right
  • Packshot front-center
  • Packshot bottom
  • Packshot rear
  • Packshot front-left
  • Packshot front-right

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