How QNAP Simplified Product Management Processes

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How QNAP Simplified their Product Management Processes

We are thrilled to announce our successful partnership with QNAP. We help streamline their product management processes, providing them with an easy and efficient way to manage and distribute their large portfolio of SKUs. This ultimately improves their visibility and drives more sales.

QNAP is a leading provider of network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, offering high-quality storage products businesses and individuals use worldwide. With a large portfolio of SKUs constantly growing, QNAP faced significant challenges impacting their ability to manage and distribute their product information efficiently. That’s when they decided to partner with Icecat.

QNAP’s Challenges

1. Managing a Large Portfolio of SKUs

One of QNAP’s main challenges was managing a large portfolio of SKUs. With new products being added all the time, it was difficult to keep track of all the information associated with each SKU, especially for several different languages. Furthermore, QNAP faced difficulty in getting an easy overview of all its SKUs. With a large and constantly evolving portfolio, keeping track of all the products and their respective details can be challenging.

2. Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Uploading and updating all of the SKUs manually was a time-consuming process that took up a lot of QNAP’s resources. This left the team with less time to focus on other important tasks, such as marketing and sales.

3. Delayed product innovation

QNAP’s product management challenge also caused a delay in updating and releasing new products or product versions, ultimately impacting the company’s sales and revenue. QNAP needed a solution to allow them to easily manage their portfolio, streamline their workflows, and provide a more comprehensive overview of their SKUs.

Why Icecat?

After exploring several options, QNAP decided to work with Icecat because we provided a simple and efficient way to upload and update their product portfolio. Here are some of the reasons why QNAP found Icecat to be the best option:

1. Easy to Manage Product Portfolio

Icecat’s platform provided an easy way to manage and update QNAP’s product portfolio, allowing them to quickly and easily make changes without investing a large amount of time or resources.

2. Icecat’s Established Network

Icecat already works with many of QNAP’s retailers and distributors, making it easier for QNAP to get its product information out to the right people.

3. Attractive Product Showcase

Icecat’s platform offers opportunities to showcase the products attractively, with features such as product stories. This helps QNAP to present its products in the best possible light, improving its visibility and ultimately driving more sales.

How Icecat Helped

Working with Icecat has helped QNAP streamline its product management processes, making it easier for them to track all its SKUs and distribute its product information more efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step overview of how Icecat helped QNAP:

Step 1: Easy Communication

Icecat and QNAP had easy and friendly communication throughout the project. Icecat understood QNAP’s challenges and met them perfectly, according to QNAP’s needs and wishes.

Step 2: Simple Product Upload

Icecat provided a simple and efficient way for QNAP to upload and update its product portfolio, reducing the amount of time and resources needed to manage this information.

Step 3: Timely Updates

Every month, QNAP provides Icecat with updates on their new SKUs, and Icecat updates the portfolio in a timely manner, ensuring that all product information is accurate and up to date.

Step 4: Raising Awareness

Icecat’s efforts to raise awareness of QNAP’s products went beyond just providing product showcase features. We also published an article informing our audience of this new partnership. This helped generate more interest in QNAP’s products and increase the company’s visibility.


By partnering with Icecat, QNAP overcame the challenges of managing a large product portfolio and improving visibility. With Icecat’s easy-to-use platform, QNAP can now easily upload and update their products in multiple languages, saving them valuable time and resources. Overall, the collaboration between QNAP and Icecat has been successful, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to support their growth and success.

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