Fashion Base by GS1 and Icecat Now Live for Wehkamp and Bestseller

Koen Looijmans
GS1 Icecat Fashion Base Platform

Fashion Base is now live. The platform, jointly developed by GS1 Netherlands and Icecat, is currently used by several fashion brands and retailers, including Wehkamp and Bestseller.

Uniform product information

It’s logical that these fashion giants are co-operating in FashionBase: Wehkamp is the largest online fashion seller in the Netherlands and Bestseller is the owner of global brands like Jack&Jones and Vero Moda. “We love to have more uniform product information for fashion and apparel”, says Ted Arends, manager content centre of excellence at Wehkamp. “We gather really a lot of product specs. But, it is not possible for us anymore to enter all data manually. The fashion sector needs to catch up, in comparison to other categories where more complete catalogs can be sourced.”

Easier listing of products

Bestseller and Wehkamp use the Fashion Base from the start and collaborate closely to exchange product information. Ted Arends of Wehkamp adds: “Through Fasion Base it is easier for our suppliers to list products in their retailer’s stores. They only enter a product data-sheet once, and subsequently the base information is easy to reuse. And because the basics are more stable”, continues Arends, “the whole supply chain functions better, the time-to-market shortens, and the assortiment is easier to enrich.”


Wehkamp and Bestseller are satisfied with the new platform.They did not encounter start-up problems. Danielle Denslagen of Bestseller says, “We only have had some discussions about some extra data fields, but the technology of the Icecat platform was flawless.” Dat zorgt voor een snelle start van de Fashion Base dienst.

Tens of new participants

Both large and small suppliers and retailers in the fashion sector can easily use the Fashion Base platform. In the coming months, tens of new participants are expected to start using the platform according to Sebastiaan van Zundert of GS1 and Koen Looijmans of Icecat.

Do you want to know more or participate? Please, contact your account manager at GS1 or Icecat, or contact us online.


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