8 Sustainable Beauty Trends for 2022

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8 sustainable beauty trends

When it comes to skincare, there is a significant need for environmentally friendly beauty products to replace popular beauty products that include dangerous chemicals that are also detrimental to the environment. Because the beauty industry is changing, brands in the industry are focussing to incorporate sustainable beauty ideas into their operations. For example, eco-friendly skincare brands contribute to ecologically conscious activities. More beauty brands should consider making the latest sustainable consumer trends a part of their commitment to eco-friendly beauty by choosing to support sustainable practices. In this post, we will highlight 8 sustainable beauty trends for 2022.

1. Waterless Beauty

One of the most popular trends is waterless beauty, which consists of concentrated natural component products that do not require water to use. The Dew Mighty Bloom Jelly Serum Bar is a perfect example of a unique and eco-friendly beauty product that is free of fillers and is undiluted, which reduces water waste. 

Many beauty products contain water since it is inexpensive and helps to bulk up the product. During transportation, bigger, heavier, water-filled items have a higher carbon imprint on the environment. They also dilute concentrated active components, so your skin and hair won’t benefit as much as they would from products like the Dew Mighty Bloom Jelly Serum Bar that aren’t diluted.

2. Beauty Products with Multiple Uses

Minimizing your beauty cabinet and avoiding the use of unneeded products is an easy method to increase sustainability. This is where smart minimalist beauty comes in. Natural cosmetics like the Axiology Highlighters and Axiology Balmies are groundbreaking. 

People use The Axiology Highlighters as a lip gloss, eyeshadow, or cheekbone highlighter. The Axiology Balmies also work as eyeshadow, blusher, and lip color. They are plastic-free, vegan, and feature organic skin-nourishing ingredients. 

3. Concentrated Beauty Products

Concentrated beauty products are undiluted to reduce carbon emissions during shipping but also last longer because the active components are concentrated. This means you won’t have to buy the product as frequently and it will last longer. 

4. Production of Beauty Products Using Renewable Energy

Brands are evaluating whom they work with, from production, manufacturing, transportation and beyond. Many brands choose to support suppliers who use renewable energy to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

5. Plastic-free + Zero Waste

Zero-waste assures that the product or packaging produces as little waste as possible and that any packaging that remains is either biodegradable or recyclable. For eco-beauty, plastic-free sustainable packaging it is a no-brainer.

A great example of a plastic-free beauty product is UpCircle Beauty’s Face Moisturizer With Argan Powder. Instead of a plastic bottle that will end up as a burden on the earth, this fantastic eco-friendly skincare product is carefully kept in a glass jar with an aluminum top. 

6. Ingredients sourced locally and organic

Using locally sourced materials contributes to sustainability by reducing needless transit during product creation. On the other hand, beauty brands avoid toxic pesticides by using organic materials, which safeguard the environment, food chain, ocean, and waterways. 

7. Packaging that is both reusable and refillable

Reusable and refillable packaging alternatives for skincare products are available from eco-friendly clean beauty companies ensuring that new packaging isn’t created unnecessarily. This helps to keep perfectly usable packaging out of landfills. A simple developing trend that encourages sustainable beauty is to use ecologically mindful package design.

8. Returning the Favor

Giving back is a fantastic way for beauty brands to be more sustainable. It may ensure that brands are doing their share of being socially responsible by donating to environmental charities and initiatives. Furthermore, it also makes it simple for their committed brand customers to give back by purchasing their items. 

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