Updated FAQ: Are You Ready for the New EU Energy Label Regulation 2021

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Energy Label Regulation

I updated this blog item with taxonomy details and a FAQ.

From the 1st of March 2021, the new EU energy label regulation will be live. The current energy label can not convert automatically into a new label that conforms to the new regulation. Therefore, Icecat will replace the energy labels in its product catalog for retailers to publish on their webshop. Which categories are affected? These are household refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and washer-dryers, dishwashers, TVs and displays, light sources, and refrigerating appliances.

What changed in the Energy Label?

There are some changes to the new energy label. Firstly, there is an A-G class for all products. Meaning, that this will exclude classes with a “+”. Secondly, there are objective measurements and tests performed. These tests will determine the information contained in the label. Furthermore, there is a QR-code on the label in the top-right corner to make the lookup of further information easier. Also, energy consumption in the middle of the label is now more visible. Finally, the pictograms on the bottom of the label are new, with the idea to give clearer visual information to consumers.

When is the new label live?

During a four months transition period between the 1st of November 2020 and the 28th of February 2021, consumers will only see the old energy label. Next, during a 14 working days period between the 1st and 15th of March 2021, the old labels need to be replaced with the new label by retailers. More important, brand owners must register or re-register in EPREL their products, reply promptly to any request from the channel and supply missing labels. EPREL is an online database to provide consumers and dealers with additional information about a specific product. Further, it ensures more effective compliance control by market surveillance authorities.

Icecat will start collecting new labels and restrict them from publication until the 1st of March 2021. At the moment, suppliers are already delivering them to icecat. Technically it is not possible to store two energy labels in the Icecat database. Therefore, we ask brands to register their products in the EPREL database and contact us directly afterward.

What do I need to do?

If you are a manufacturer established in the EU or an authorized representative of a manufacturer not established in the EU, or an importer, you should make sure that any product you sell requires an energy label that displays the correct label. This label must contain information on how much energy it uses.

Where do I need to register?

Firstly, you can register your products in the EPREL database. Secondly, inform Icecat and send the new energy labels to us.

How does the timeline look like?

  • Till the 28th of February 2021: consumers will only see the old energy label.
  • Between the 1st and 18th of March 2021, the old labels need to be replaced with the new label by retailers. See here XML and JSON examples.

When is the new energy labels published?

Until March 2021, product data related to the old label will be provided. Data for the new label will be accessible from March 2021 onward in the EPREL database.

Are all needed energy consumption feature values also available in the EPREL database? Or only Energy Labels and product fiches?

EPREL is an online database to provide consumers and dealers with additional information about specific products and to ensure a more effective compliance control by market surveillance authorities. The supplier (manufacturers/importer) shall make available through the database:

  • product registration; 
  • detailed technical information (product information sheet and some part of the technical documentation);
  • energy label information; 
  • notification when units of a model are no longer places on the market.

We assume all energy specifications will be in the EPREL database.

When will the new XML/JSON structure exported by Icecat?

Because of the condition, “Products placed on the market already before November 1, 2020, but no longer on the market after November 1, 2020, may still be sold with the old label till November 30, 2021”. Old labels will still be published until November 30, 2021. The Icecat product data-sheet will not have both labels available. If a brand provides a new label, the old one will be removed immediately. The taxonomy changes can already be downloaded. XML and JSON examples are available.

Are there real XML/JSON implementation examples?

The XML and JSON examples are published online.

How often will Icecat scan the EPREL database for new data and updates?

As soon as the EPREL database will become available, Icecat will investigate to establish an API connection to scan the database daily.

I am a Full Icecat user, how can I help?

In this case, you can ask your vendors to put the new energy data into EPREL and send these also to Icecat timely.

Can I see an example of the Icecat taxonomy?

Yes, please download below the taxonomy in PDF below. And, view the examples.

Are there any examples in the Icecat database with EU energy label information?

Yes, please find below examples:

What content does Icecat distribute in their Product Datasheets?

To sum up Icecat syndicates:

  • New Energy labels;
  • Energy label type; rescaled, non-rescaled
  • EPREL link
  • Product fiche
  • Energy efficiency class logo;
  • Energy-related specifications

Where can I find new energy label attributes in product XML and JSON format?

Please find the examples further explained in this blogpost:

What happens if there is a new label supplied?

In short, Icecat revises and removes old specifications and labels if the new label is supplied.

For more information and questions regarding the look and feel of the new energy label, please visit the theenergylabel.eu

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  • commented on January 12, 2021 by Harko van der Wal

    Do I understand it correctly that you will collect the data for the new labels but will only publish them on the first of march? And then switch the old feature/values for the new one?

    what will happen with products you do not receive the new value for? Will they give a blank value?

    next to that: will you add features regarding the "objective measurements and tests performed" ?

    • Dear Harko,
      Yes, we will only publish them from the 1st of March.

      Product with no value we will keep in our database, because products placed on the market already before 1.11.2020 but no longer placed on the market after 1.11.2020 may still be sold with the old label till 30.11.2021.

      Yes we will add features. The Icecat Taxonomy team will manage that. Respective revisions will be done, the moment brands will start publishing them.

  • commented on January 14, 2021 by Ditte Borum Lindebjerg


    Will IceCat create new Feature IDs for the new score, or will you use the old Feature IDs and just "switch" the value/data provided in current Feature IDs, in cases where you have the new one?

    My request both concerns:
    Feature ID for indicating which "scale" is used on the product (currently Feature ID: 39201)
    And Feature ID for indicating the "class" the current product has (currently Feature ID: 2705)


    BR. Ditte

    • Most of the features (specs) will be new, as often also their metrics are different, like 100 "cycles" instead of "annual energy consumption". We'll update the post with a new feature list.


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