Update: Pimcore-Icecat Addon V3 is Live!

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Pimcore-Icecat addon V2

The third version, V3, of our free Pimcore-Icecat addon is now live and ready for use. The earlier two versions of our open-source addon enabled millions of brand-approved product datasheets to become directly available for resellers and other users of this popular open-source PIM platform. Also, our Pimcore-Icecat addon itself is itself open source to minimize the thresholds for users to download it. And use the data from Open Icecat directly into their systems. As a result, fetching standardized data becomes easy, simple, and efficient.

The V3 version allows the end-users both to import a single product and automate bulk imports which reduces repetitive manual efforts and speeds up product management within their Pimcore environments. 

A user has the flexibility to schedule bulk import using an Excel file or trigger import via adding products in their Pimcore product catalog.

On the fly – the overwritable fields feature allows the user to keep track of local product changes within the Pimcore environment. This prevents overwriting changes in subsequent reimports. With the help of advanced filters, the user is able to identify relevant products easily and quickly.

Install the Pimcore-Icecat Addon

The Pimcore Icecat addon works with Pimcore version 10 and above. Both existing users who are already using V2 and new users are able to install the Icecat addon with the following straightforward composer commands:

  • Install the latest Icecat addon v3.0.0
    $ composer require icecat/icecat-integration:^3.0
  • Update existing icecat plugin to v3.0.0
    $ composer require icecat/icecat-integration:^3.0
    $ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate –prefix=IceCatBundle\\Migrations

Prerequisite for the scheduled job

Set the following command to the crontab

*/1 * * * * /your/project/bin/console icecat:recurring-import

The cron job has to run as the same user as the web interface to avoid permission issues (eg. www-data).

In case you need more detailed documentation and installation instructions, there is a manual available here.

V3 features

  • Helpful Icecat links on the login screen
  • Addition of more enriched content
  • Advanced filter options
  • Overwritable fields – on the fly
  • Single product import
  • Recurring bulk import – on demand and scheduled
  • PSR1 and PSR2 complete code compliant

Helpful Icecat links on the login screen

User will be able to easily navigate to Icecat’s registration, forgot password and contact us pages.

Addition of more enriched content

Product Reviews

Icecat multilingual product reviews are now part of the import process as well.

Product Stories

Icecat multilingual products stories URL(s) are now part of the import process with the preview.


The video field is changed from type video to a many to many relation. This is done to enable the import process to download and attach multiple videos.

Related Products

Related products are now part of the import process. To create related products on the fly, a user has an option to enable the ‘Import Related Products’ setting.

Once enabled, if the related products not already exist in Pimcore, it will first import the related products and then attaches them to the main product.

If disabled, it will check if the related products already exist in Pimcore. If yes, it will then attach them to the main product.

Related products overview.

Advanced filter options

Additional filters are now available to enable a user to search for the required products more easily and efficiently.

Overwritable fields – on the fly

A user has the ability to not overwrite product fields while reimporting products from Icecat.

Whenever user makes any changes locally in Pimcore products, changes automatically get recorded in ‘Icecat overwritten fields log’ folder. These fields will not be overwritten while reimporting the same product data-sheet.

In order to make those fields again overwritable, simply delete the required log entries from the ‘Icecat overwritten fields log’ folder.

Single product import

A user has the ability to refresh a single product from Icecat using the button placed on the object toolbar.

Recurring bulk import – on demand and scheduled

Prerequisite: Set the following command to the crontab 

*/1 * * * * /your/project/bin/console icecat:recurring-import

A user has the ability to:

  • Schedule recurring bulk imports from excel file or directly from the Pimcore product catalog.
  • Trigger on demand bulk imports,

A user can attach excel file from the Assets section or map product catalog fields which are required to fetch data from Icecat.

A detailed summary of the last completed job will be visible when the job finishes.

A user can cancel the job anytime using ‘Cancel execution’ button.

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