Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, Widely Spoken in India, are Added to Icecat

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Support of Indian Languages Added

For India, we already have two locales (language/country combinations) in place: English for India and Hindi. Additionally we are in the process of publishing more local Indian languages. From March 2020: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. If you have any new locale requests, feel free to contact us!

23 languages spoken by 50+ million people

Do you know how many languages are known in this world, and which language is the most commonly used? According to SCMP.com, there are at least 7,102 known languages alive in the world today, and among those, 23 languages are the mother tongue for at least 50 million people. In other words, if we could speak these 23 languages, we could communicate basically with people almost anywhere – including online. Additionally, you also see that these 23 languages are actually not only used just in 23 countries/areas but in more than 50 countries/areas. For example, English is used in more than 10 countries/areas as a mother tongue, for example in the US, UK, Singapore or South Africa, but obviously each with its own peculiarities. Thus, it is very important for each of the market players to execute the appropriate localization per the combination of language and country/area called “locale”.

Icecat – more than 60 locales

If you are facing the challenge to manage how to maintain such localization in your online shop, Icecat can helps as we support more than 60 locales (language and country/area combinations) as of February 2020. In fact, we cover 18 languages of the 23 languages on the infographic – for 33 countries/areas. So with Icecat, you can get English product content for the US, for the UK, for Singapore, for South Africa, and for several other English-speaking countries. When it comes to European locales, our coverage is quite high – 36 locales including most of the Scandinavian languages, Baltic languages, many languages of the Balkans, etc.

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