Syndy Development Update: Aprimo DAM Integration, Admin Improvements, GS1 Integration, and Team Expansion

syndy development update

In this Syndy Development Update, we will discuss the APRIMO DAM integration and admin improvements. Furthermore, we highlight GS1 integration, Single Product Export, and Team expansion.

Product Information for Global Dairy Manufacturer

Syndy’s strategic alliance with one of the largest global dairy manufacturers is growing! It just launched its 3rd global brand via the Syndy platform next to two earlier launched brands. It is already active via Syndy in 30 different markets, and more will follow in the coming years. In this application, Syndy is used as the corporate PIM of the respective manufacturer, to retrieve data from several internal sources and to feed its websites and other internal applications.


On the other hand, Syndy welcomes BEKO, a white goods manufacturer with a global footprint, to the Syndy platform as well! On top of the Icecat solution for generic content syndication, BEKO will start delivering formatted content to its Tier1 retailers in the United Kingdom. Retailers like John Lewis, Argos, Euronics, Amazon, Curry, and DSG will be provided with tailored product data. Having the templates for these retailers in our platform will open doors for other brands as well. 

New templates, new markets

Syndy’s proactive market approach made sure we unlocked a new market again: the Czech Republic is now open for business! Further, Syndy’s template shelf is growing by the day. Not only because of demands from our brand clients, but also due to the new category approach. Below, just a small selection of some of the latest templates and categories added to the Syndy platform:

  • Amazon NL – Light source, Electronic switch & Light fixture
  • Coolblue NL – High-pressure cleaning
  • Argos UK – Toasters and Kettles 
  • LYKO SW – Cosmetics
  • Douglas DE – Hair, Make-up and Skincare
  • De Bijenkorf NL – Lighting
  • Traditional Trade NL – Lighting 

Aprimo DAM integration

Syndy integrates with Aprimo DAM (digital asset management system) for one of our corporate clients. This connector to the Syndy platform enables that the brand’s rich product data can be shared with the brand’s channel partners and other internal platforms. 

Since DAM functionalities are key to our customers, we will introduce some new DAM features in our platform during the coming sprints. For example, media gallery updates and usability improvements of the related front-end application. Additionally, the development team will finish, bulk actions, like deleting and sharing digital assets, in the coming sprints.

Admin improvements

The development team rolled out Admin improvements regarding template creation and field mapping to create even more efficiency and accuracy. The main benefit is easier and faster template creation and implementation.

GS1 Integration

Currently, the team is working on GS1 Integration. GS1 data import is an important add-on for all of the brands already listed and listed on Syndy. Further, we will improve share features, cross-browser support, device support, and general upgrades on our platform’s look and feel. 

Single Product Export

A new feature that we test right now is the “single product export.” To explain, this is a feature, much desired by our liquor brands, that allows them to export a single product per retailer.

The new global assortment feature will also be ready in the sprints to come to allow brands with a global footprint to share (custom) assortments in different markets easily.

Team Expansion

We welcome Oleksandr Miroshnichenko to our operations team. In short, Oleksander will be focusing on the ingestion and expansion of our growing template shelf. Syndy is moving on and expanding. We are currently looking for senior and medior developers. But also an FMCG account manager with experience to fulfill all expectations and future developments. 

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