ROI Calculator for Branded Content Syndication

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A typical question of manufacturing brands is: What is the Return On Investment (ROI) for investing in product content syndication? For this we use a simple calculator that can be easily adapted to a specific manufacturer’s situation.

How is ROI calculated? The general formula is as follows: ROI = (Return – Investment) / Investment.

Per case the assumptions need to be tuned:

  • What is the number of authorized channel partners that a brand wants to help directly with good product content?
  • What is the amount of hours usually spent per channel partner to help them with product content? And what are the brand’s average salary costs?
  • What is the average CPM that is spent in case of generating traffic?

Icecat typically has already estimations for the number of relevant and connected ecommerce partners and the LIVE product views generated by a brand’s products during a year.

Return On Investment per year in case of brand with 5K+ connected channel partners

In this realistic example it is shown that per invested euro a ROI of 929% (i.e., every euro invested generates 9.29 euro profit) in case of only helping the brand’s 100 selected Authorized Resellers. A ROI of 2,406% is generated if also already connected direct Icecat users are supported via its global network. And a staggering ROI of 20,868% is generated if open syndication (and re-syndication) is allowed to indirect users (channel partners of channel partners) via the global Open Icecat network.

In case of Icecat, the investments of a brand can start at a very low costs with just a free brand editor account, or being more comprehensive in case of regional or global coverage needs. Se the brand subscription overview.

In case of questions, please contact your account manager or respond to this post below.

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