Explore OpenPIM: An Open-Source PIM Solution for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Open-source for small and medium sized businesses

Open-source enables technical agility, typically offering multiple ways to solve problems. In the open-source arena, Icecat, being a renowned provider of open product content, has traditionally revolved around serving enterprise-level users like Pimcore and Magento. Now, we are expanding our horizons by delving into open-source PIM solutions tailored for small and medium-sized businesses.

What is OpenPIM?

Open-source OpenPIM, specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, has emerged as an impressive open-source project information management system. Even in its early development state, OpenPIM stands out by effectively competing with well-established PIM solutions such as Pimcore, Akeneo, and Treopim.

At its current stage of development, OpenPIM can efficiently handle up to one million SKUs and offers comprehensive support for PIM/DAM functionalities, making it an ideal choice for small and medium businesses. 

Installation Using Docker

OpenPIM stands out as a lightweight PIM solution that can be effortlessly installed using Docker containers.

Demo Environment

The OpenPIM provides a convenient, ready-to-use cloud-based demo environment, ensuring a hassle-free and accessible experience.

Feature Comparisons

Below, you can find an in-depth exploration of the features and capabilities:

Bulk Import/ExportYesYesYes in CSV/XLSX formatYes via paid extension
Multimedia supportSupports multiple images, PDFs, video and audioSupports images, hotspot images, PDFs and videos.Demo version supports only a single image. However, the Enterprise version supports other formats.Demo version only supports images. Separate paid extensions are available that support other multimedia formats.
Product PreviewYesYesNoNo
APIsYes, GraphQL based API is available by defaultNo, API is deprecated but, Pimcore data-hub is offered for web servicesYes, with good documentation. Product Access Manager (PAM) is offered as a separate system.Yes, but unstable at the moment
Mapping of productsPossible to implement via extensionsPossible to implement as a separate functionPossible to implement as an extensionPossible to implement manually
RolesPossible to definePossible to definePossible to definePossible to define
Data restrictionPossible according to rolesPossible according to rolesPossible according to rolesPossible according to roles
Permission at field levelYes, possibleYes, possibleNo, not possibleYes, possible
Flexible data modelYes, relationships between entities are possible to defineYes, relationships between entities are possible to defineNo, not possible.Yes, relationships between entities are possible to define
Custom fieldsYesYesYesYes
Data quality and completenessData quality and completeness reports are availableData validation and quality reports are available. Individual rules are possible to setupA completeness score is available and the rules are possible to set up as per needsData quality and completeness is not available but via paid extension is available to setup
Configurable dashboardYes, possibleYes, possibleNo, not possibleYes, possible
Two factor authentication (2FA) supportedAvailable via OpenID and Oauth2YesNo, but a paid extension is availableNo  
Open sourceYesMost features are available for freeVery limited in features. The Enterprise version provides most common features.Most features are free in the demo but some of them are not working.
Technologies usedTypescript, PostreSQL, Docker, Node JSJavascript, PHP MySQL/Maria DBPHP, HTML, CSS, Python, MySQL/ Maria DBPHP, MySQL/Maria DB

What’s on the Horizon?

Are you a small to medium-sized business and eager to leverage the potential of OpenPIM for streamlined product catalog management enriched with Icecat’s product data? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! The OpenPIM team is fully prepared and enthusiastic to create a customized open-source Icecat-OpenPIM add-on tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements.

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