New Toys Data Model Well-Received at Event

Laura van der Blom

In September, the Toys Data Model has been introduced in the Benelux during an event by, Carrefour, Brandunit, Wehkamp, FUN, Toy Champ, Beeusaert Braet, OKU Business partners, Van der Meulen and Icecat. The new standard was well-received by brands and channel partners in the toy industry, and has already been adopted by major industry partners in the Benelux and is being rolled out globally.

Jerome Vivet of Carrefour about content challenges.

The event was attended by various brands and resellers from the Benelux toy industry such as LEGO, Dreamland and The Walt Disney Company. Rene Rozendal from Icecat introduced the data model. After that, Carrefour, FUN and presented the different challenges they face when it comes to product data and the importance of good product data on online platforms to create a better customer experience, focused on toy categories.

If you have some questions about the data model or want some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

From left to right: Bianca Wouters (MGA), Bruno Clase (Carrefour), Berend Sikkenga (LEGO), Sven de Waele (FUN), Marco de Vries (, Martijn Hoogeveen (Icecat).

Marco de Vries about the importance of a standard data model for

Jerome Vivet, Carrefour



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