Icecat testimonials. LEGO says: “Icecat is great: better product detail pages, better SEO, higher conversions!”

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Icecat testimonials

Icecat testimonials


Icecat testimonials are important. Therefore, Bill Gates once said: “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Therefore, we continuously strive to apply this rule of ‘wisdom’ and ask our partners to share their opinion and thoughts on our services, communication, and workflow. For example, take a look below at some of Icecat testimonials, like LEGO and Akzo Nobel.


“We are very glad to cooperate with Icecat. Integration with this company allowed us to develop is a very efficient and dynamic way. Personally, I also appreciate great individual contact and support from the Icecat team., Bartosz Sagan – Offers section manager

Testimonial: J5create

Our retailers are happy as they can smoothly integrate accurate product information via Icecat. Moreover, we are very impressed with how quick the data-sheet creation process is handled by the Icecat editorial team.

j5create, Cindy Wu – Marketing Manager

Testimonial: Labtech

We consider Icecat excellent to work with, very service minded. But also providing good support.

Labtech Data, Frank Andersen – CEO

Testimonial: jp.di

We have thousands of products to describe in our e-commerce platform, on a daily basis. Icecat plays a really important role when it comes to fill this gap of information, helping us with the veracity of the content and, also, with the fast delivery to the market of our whole set of products. Also, there are some products that are more complex when it comes to specifications and descriptions. Icecat solves that problem easily, with a specialized team and a great sense of synthesis.

jp.di, Ana Silva – E-commerce manager

Testimonial: Senetic

As a global provider of IT solutions, Senetic operates on all continents and across all industries. We supply organizations with top-class solutions, tailored to their business needs. By integrating Icecat content, we are able to offer our expertise. This tool helps not only to build customer loyalty to the brand, but also leads to increased sales.

– Senetic , Agata Sieradzka – Digital e-commerce coordinator

Testimonial: LEGO

The LEGO catalogue is huge, with new releases several times in a single year. So, we have the urge to share with all our toys specialists and partners the best, timely product information. Icecat is great: better product detail pages, better SEO, higher conversions!

– Lego Italy, Valentina Viel – E-commerce manager

Testimonial: Real.Digital

Complete and exact product information is the key to sales promotion and customer loyalty. We integrate all Icecat information across all categories.

–, Caroline Hefter – Product Data Management Director

Testimonial: Elektra

Having Icecat as our product information provider will help us increase our catalogue with new products, improve our SEO, and sales conversion.

– Elektra, Fernando Rodriguez – Content Manager

Testimonial: Auxionize

So far, the service is at a very good level. When there were technical issues, support responded quickly and efficiently. We are very pleased with the services of our regional support representatives. They always react adequately and distribute our requests to the relevant departments fast and accurate enough.

– Auxionize, Peter Velikov – Software Development Team Leader & Team

Testimonial: Interhiva

Interline partners can now easily link or download the standardized product information, which can also be used to categorize, filter, search and compare products for e-commerce purposes. This is “efficient” for Interhiva partners and the Interline website.

– Interhiva, Dennis van Donselaar – Manager Operations

Testimonial: Bestway

Using Bestways’ product information via Icecat gives both us and our partners a big efficiency improvement in the supplying and processing of the information.

– Bestway, Peter Christien – Commercial Agent

Testimonial: Akzo Nobel

Icecat has proven to support us in our ambition to share our content in an efficient & standardized manner. Which is crucial for adoption across our global markets and channel partners

– Akzo Nobel, Dennis van den Hoek – Global Lead Ecommerce & Transformation

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