Icecat Release Notes 187: Copy Product, Search Page, Images Standardization, and Valuable Insights

Release Notes

In Icecat Release Notes 187, we finalized two significant developments. The new Copy product functionality and PIM Search Page initiated image standardization development and provided more insights to our sales team. For further details, please refer to the previous Icecat Release Notes.

Finalized Copy Product Development

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of new Copy Product functionality development in Icecat PIM, enhancing the overall user experience and expanding the functionality for our valuable brand partners.

The Copy Product functionality empowers Icecat PIM users to effortlessly copy product information from one product to another. Access to this functionality has been granted to our esteemed brand partners, providing them with the ability to copy products within their respective brands.

Brand users can copy products from their assigned brands to other products within the same brand. Copying is permissible from any product with assigned brands to another product within the same brand, subject to certain conditions. The brand user can copy to a product where they are the owner or to an undescribed product.

Another notable achievement in this sprint is the introduction of the “Create or Replace” policy for technical specifications copying. This policy offers users enhanced flexibility when dealing with product features and specifications.

Example Use Case:

Let’s consider a scenario where Source product A has a feature with local values in English and French. On the other hand, Target product B has the same feature with local values in English and German. By applying the “Create or Replace” policy, the user will receive Product B with local values in English and French, sourced from Product A.

These developments not only streamline the product information management process but also contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly Icecat PIM platform.

New PIM Search Page and Language Filter Update

We are glad to reveal the successful completion of a major development that brings a new level of functionality to Icecat’s Product Information Management (PIM) system.

A standout accomplishment of this sprint is the introduction of a fully upgraded PIM Search Page. This development includes the addition of powerful new search functions directly on the product page, enhancing the overall user experience. Importantly, we have opened access to this new search capability to all users of our PIM, making it an inclusive feature for every logged-in user in our system. The search page now warmly welcomes users, providing them with intuitive and efficient tools to navigate and explore our extensive product database.

In addition to the new search page, this sprint also focused on refining the values and translations within our language filter. This filter is a widely used component across our PIM, particularly on the new search and product page. The improvements made ensure a more seamless and user-friendly experience when utilizing language filters to access product information.

Exploring Solutions for Image Standardization

In our last sprint, we were focused on pushing the boundaries of innovation by exploring alternative solutions for image standardization and cropping within the PIM system.

In our previous sprint, our initial experiment with a Machine Learning model for image standardization and cropping provided promising yet imperfect results. The object detection and cropping success rate achieved was 82%, falling short of our expectations. This led us to reassess our approach and seek alternative solutions to elevate the performance of images standardization functionality.

During this sprint, our team delved into exploring and testing alternative solutions, and we are delighted to share that the results have exceeded expectations compared to the previous test. The alternative solution demonstrated a remarkable 97% success rate in object detection and cropping.

Currently, we are actively working on integrating this superior solution into our PIM system. Once implemented, editors will experience a smoother and more time-effective workflow for image standardization.

Unified Statistics Reporting for Icecat User Registrations

We are pleased to inform you about successful completion of a comprehensive development aimed at improving the statistics collection process for user registrations across both Brand and Channel Partners Pages. This strategic enhancement allows us to gather valuable insights into user engagement, particularly through partner-initiated marketing campaigns. This statistical information serves as a pivotal tool in evaluating the effectiveness and success of these campaigns.

Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach, we have extended our statistics collection efforts to encompass both Brand and Channel Partners Pages. These interconnected registration pages ensure a seamless user experience. Even if a user transitions from “Brand partner” to “Channel partner” or vice versa, the information persists, providing a continuous stream of valuable data.

Our envisioned solution involves consolidating the collected statistics into a unified file. This consolidated report is dispatched to the responsible manager on a weekly basis. To optimize communication channels, we have implemented a mechanism to send reports only when relevant data is available. This ensures that the reports reaching our sales managers are meaningful and insightful.

This enhancement not only refines our data collection processes but also empowers our teams with a more comprehensive understanding of user registration dynamics.

Other Improvements in Icecat Release Notes 187:

  • Completeness Score Update:

We have updated our completeness score by strategically shifting two elements from mandatory to optional, offering our partners a more flexible evaluation of the information filled in their products. This enhancement not only acknowledges the diverse nature of product information but also provides our partners with greater control over their evaluation process, ensuring improved experience in assessing the completeness of their product data.

  • Creation and Updating of User Guides

Our focus was on enhancing user resources as we diligently worked on updating the PUSH API manual and creating a comprehensive guide on retrieving export files. The updated PUSH API manual ensures clarity and accuracy in utilizing this essential tool, while the new guide for retrieving export files provides users with a step-by-step process for seamless data access. These efforts are geared towards empowering our users with valuable documentation, enabling them to navigate Icecat’s features effortlessly and make the most of our platform’s capabilities.

  • Editor Journal Reengineering

We have initiated the reengineering of the Editor Journal functionality, a pivotal step geared towards elevating our statistics collection mechanisms. This initiative is meticulously designed to refine and improve the existing infrastructure, ensuring that our statistics accurately capture the dynamic activities within the Editor Journal and Product History.

In conclusion, our latest developments signify our ongoing commitment to delivering a seamless and advanced experience within the Icecat platform. Should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to share your feedback and thoughts.

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