Icecat Release Notes 186: Feature Logo and Search Settings Saving in PIM

Release Notes

In Icecat Release Notes 186, we’re delivering a feature logo for attributes with multi-select values, simplifying the user experience by enabling the saving of PIM search settings, and introducing various other significant improvements. For further details, please refer to the previous Icecat Release Notes.

Feature Logo For Attributes With Multi-Select Values

Our team has successfully rolled out a long-awaited update, expanding the capabilities of our feature logo publication. The enhancement now allows for the publication of logos associated with attributes that have multiple select values. Previously, our system supported the publication of logos for attributes with a single value option.

To illustrate the significance of this update, consider the example of an attribute such as “Sustainability Certificates.” In today’s market, many products boast various certifications to highlight their commitment to environmental, social, or ethical standards. These certifications can vary, and a single product may hold multiple certificates simultaneously.

Previously, our system would only showcase the logo of one certificate associated with the attribute. However, with the latest update, our system now detects each distinct certificate mentioned within the attribute, enabling the publication of multiple logos. This means that a product with several sustainability certificates can now proudly display each corresponding logo on its product page on, in XML, JSON files, and Live. view:

XML view:

JSON view:

Icecat LIVE view:

This recent update to our feature logo publication is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and responding to the evolving needs of our brand and channel partners.

PIM Search Page User Setting Saving

We are glad to inform you that during this sprint, our team has achieved a significant milestone by completing the implementation of PIM user search settings saving. This update is designed to enhance user convenience by allowing the storage of individual search settings for both current and future sessions. The primary goal is to empower users with a more personalized and efficient search experience. This is to ensure that the latest preferences are recorded and applied seamlessly.

One of the core aspects of this development is the ability to save filter settings when a user performs a search. When users modify their search criteria and click the “Search” button, the new settings are saved for the current session and any subsequent sessions. This ensures that users can return to their search parameters without the need to set the settings again.

The introduction of the “Reset Search Filters” option provides users with the flexibility to revert all settings to default values easily. This feature is particularly useful when users want to start a new search with a clean slate.

The update extends beyond search filters to include the saving of search results table filters. Specifically the “Column Display” and “Results Per Page.” Users can now customize the columns they wish to view in the search results table, as well as set their preferred number of results per page. Importantly, these settings are saved separately, allowing users to fine-tune their display preferences independently.

The ability to tailor search settings for the current and future sessions, combined with intuitive reset options, empowers users to engage with the PIM search page more effectively. We believe that these enhancements will also contribute to increased productivity and satisfaction among all our PIM users.

Other Improvements in Icecat Release Notes 186:

  • Feature REST PUT BATCH for Copy Product Functionality:

A significant milestone in our aim for efficiency improvement is the development of Feature REST PUT BATCH. This endpoint is tailored to accelerate our new Copy Product Functionality. Additionally, this REST improvement is a preparation for adding “Create or Replace ” policy to copy the feature asset. This enhancement promises to expedite the finalization of the new Copy Product Functionality. It markes a pivotal step in providing users with a seamless and swift product copying experience.

  • Machine Learning for Image Standardization:

Acknowledging the importance of standardized product images, our team dug into the topic of Machine Learning (ML). By selecting an ML model, we aim to improve our image standardization process. The chosen model is designed to detect objects within images, offering suggestions to our editors on how to modify the image for standardization. This approach enhances the visual consistency of our product images. Furthermore, it also empowers our editors by saving them valuable time in the image editing process.

  • reCAPTCHA for Enhanced Security:

Security is a top priority, and in this sprint, we fortified our Partner invitation UI in PIM with reCAPTCHA. This addition serves as a defense against potential misuse of the functionality for spamming purposes. By implementing reCAPTCHA, we ensure a more secure and reliable system, protecting our platform from unwanted and malicious activities.

  • PIM Design Component Modifications:

Recognizing the importance of an intuitive and visually cohesive interface, we made several design component modifications to our PIM system. This includes updating the date-picker component on the product page for enhanced usability and aligning the Import and Export tools’ user interfaces with our style guide. These changes contribute to a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience for our users.

In case you have any questions, feel free to share your feedback and thoughts with us via our contact page.

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