Icecat Release Notes 184-185: Group Actions Functionality and Enhancements

Release Notes

In Icecat Release Notes 184-185, we are unveiling the Group Actions functionality on the PIM Search Page, enhancing the user experience on, and introducing other significant improvements. For further details, please refer to the previous Icecat Release Notes.

Group Actions in PIM Search Page

In the latest sprints, our development team has embarked on a crucial project aimed at enhancing the productivity of our editors through the introduction of a significant feature—Group Actions. This feature is designed to streamline and expedite the process of making changes to a batch of products, providing a more efficient workflow for our editing team.

The functionality of Group Actions revolves around empowering editors to perform various tasks on a selected group of products. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for our editors. Here’s a breakdown of the instructions:

1. Product Selection:

Editors can choose products through the use of tick marks or leverage the “Batch select” functionality on PIM Search page.

2. Action Selection:

Once a user selects the products, editors can choose from a range of group actions, including:

  • Download Images
  • Change Product Information (Category, Brand, Family, Feature value)
  • Change Publication Status
  • Change Owner (Editor) of the Product
  • Change Status (Additional information about product description)
  • Delete Product

3. Execution of Changes:

Following the selection of the desired action, editors simply follow the on-screen instructions to apply changes to the selected products.

Download images:

Change product information:

Change publication status:

Change product owner:

Change status:

Delete product:

4. Automated Reporting:

Upon completion of the action, the editor automatically receives a comprehensive report. This report provides a detailed overview of all changes that were successfully implemented and any that may have encountered issues.

It is recommended to keep group actions manageable with a preference for actions involving fewer than 1,000 products. For scenarios requiring changes to more than 1,000 products, our Import/Export tool is suggested for optimal efficiency. By allowing bulk modifications with ease and providing detailed reports, this feature aims to simplify complex workflows and elevate the overall editing experience.

Recent Enhancements on

In our continuous commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, the latest sprint at has seen the implementation of several enhancements. These improvements are designed to make interactions on our platform more intuitive, efficient, and informative for our users.

1. Precision in Search Filters:

A subtle yet impactful upgrade has been introduced to our search filters logic. Now, the search functionality has been refined to provide users with a more accurate and streamlined experience. Notably, the system now automatically applies the “Brand” filter if familiar brand names are detected in the search queue. This enhancement ensures that users receive more targeted and relevant search results.

2. Enhanced Partner Information Links:

We recognize the importance of providing our partners with easy access to crucial information. To facilitate this, we have revamped the links directing users to vital information on the channel partners page. Users can now find a direct link to the FAQ section on, ensuring they have access to comprehensive answers and updated information. This improvement is presented on the brand partners page in the “FAQ” and “Product Stories” sections.

3. Streamlined Brand Authorization Requests:

Improving the user experience extends to the brand authorization request process. In response to user feedback, we have eliminated the need for an “Apply changes” button in the brand authorization request form. Now, if a user selects “Customize the text,” all changes made will be automatically saved when the user shifts focus to another field within the pop-up window. This simplification aims to make the authorization request process more seamless and user-friendly.

These enhancements collectively contribute to a more refined and user-centric platform.

Other Improvements in Icecat Release Notes 184-185:

Brand-Specific Features in Export Files:

One significant advancement revolves around brand-specific features in export files. Our development team has meticulously crafted rules to enhance the visibility, editability, and exportation of features in accordance with brands. By default, features are visible, editable, and exported for clients. If a feature is linked with the current brand, it retains these properties. However, if a feature is associated with another brand, it is intentionally made invisible, non-editable, and excluded from client exports. This fine-tuned feature management ensures a more tailored and efficient export experience.

As a culmination of the brand-specific feature development, the latest improvements include the addition of a tooltip on the Feature page, positioned near the setting filter. This enhancement aims to enhance user understanding of the feature settings, provide clear guidance to users interacting with the settings, and ensure a more intuitive user experience.

Copy Product with “Create or Replace” Multimedia Policy:

We are happy to introduce a powerful addition to our Copy Product functionality. Now, users can copy multimedia objects with the application of the new “Create or Replace” policy. The logic is straightforward: if a source product (A) has assets in English and French and the destination product (B) has assets in English and German, copying product B will result in it having assets from product A in English and French. Notably, the German assets will be deactivated, providing a more controlled and seamless duplication process.

Pipedrive Upgrade for Sales Efficiency:

In our commitment to enhancing internal processes, we have upgraded Pipedrive for our dedicated sales team. The latest integration includes valuable information about our channel partners’ verticals. Now, tickets will be automatically distributed among our sales team based on this enriched information. This upgrade not only optimizes workflow but also ensures that our sales team can focus on the specific needs of our diverse channel partners more effectively.
In a concerted effort to bolster our security measures and fortify the backup procedures for Pipedrive, we have implemented a crucial update. As part of this enhancement, all of our tickets are now systematically backed up via email. This strategic measure ensures a reliable and comprehensive backup solution, contributing to the overall resilience and security of our Pipedrive ticketing system.

“Unexpected End Of Data” Issue:

During these sprints, our development team addressed a challenge faced by our valued partners during attempts to download sizable files, such as the CategoriesFeaturesList.xml. Recognizing the diverse preferences in how partners download files, we introduced two distinct solutions tailored to their specific needs.

For partners opting to download files via web browsers, Solution #1 involves the implementation of ETags. In the event of an interruption, such as a network glitch or manual termination by the user, the browser can store the received ETag alongside details about the downloaded portion. When the user chooses to resume the download, the browser seamlessly sends a new request to the server, complete with the ETag in the request header and specifications for the byte range to be downloaded.

For partners who prefer utilizing terminals or command prompts, Solution #2 offers a specialized set of step-by-step guidelines. We will share detailed instructions in a dedicated post. This to ensure a comprehensive and user-friendly experience for those navigating the download process through command-line interfaces. As we diligently work towards delivering these instructions, our dedicated support team stands ready to provide immediate assistance to partners in need of guidance or facing any challenges during this period of expectation.

Stay in touch for our forthcoming updates. We strive to innovate and enhance your Icecat experience consistently. Your valuable feedback and support play an important role in propelling these improvements. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and comments with us at or through our contact page.

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