Icecat Release Notes 176-177: Enhanced Registration Page

Release Notes

Icecat Release Notes 176-177 showcase the completed registration process for our esteemed partners, customization options for videos Age Gating in Icecat Live, improvements to the paragraph separator in Icecat’s XML files, and enhancements in PIM design. For further details, please refer to the previous Icecat Release Notes.

Introducing the Upgraded Registration Page

Our team is excited to announce the successful release of an enhanced registration page, delivering a seamless and user-friendly registration experience for our valued partners. With this update, the new registration page is easily accessible from both the and PIM platforms. This ensures a smooth onboarding process for all our partners.

One of the exciting updates is the introduction of two distinct tabs on the registration page, namely “Channel Partners Registration” and “Brand Partners Registration.” With this approach, we can now accommodate and efficiently register two types of partners. Additionally, each of them has unique functionalities within the Icecat platform.

Icecat Registration

We have introduced a user-friendly brand-oriented flow specifically for our valued brand partners. This feature enables brand partners to easily choose their own brands from the comprehensive list of brands available within the Icecat platform.

In addition, we have implemented proactive measures to address situations where a brand partner may not locate their brand in our existing list. To cater to such instances, we have developed a dedicated request form. This form allows partners to provide all essential details and submit their brand requests. Our dedicated Vendor Manager will then ensure prompt attention and resolution for these requests.

Request to add a new brand

Fail-safe Mechanism

In addition, we have implemented a fail-safe mechanism for brand partners who do not receive the account confirmation email. In such cases, we have included a dedicated link, allowing the partner to provide their email address or login details. Therefore, an additional confirmation email will be sent to expedite the account verification process.

fail-safe mechanism

We are pleased to announce a highly positive advancement for our brand partners. Upon registering in our system, the brand partner undergoes validation, enabling us to assign them to the appropriate brand seamlessly. Following email confirmation, the brand partner gains full access to the extensive benefits of our PIM system. However, it’s important to note that there may still be instances where manual validation by our specialists is necessary.

Our team is relentlessly working on perfecting the user interface and ensuring a smooth and efficient registration journey for all our partners. We understand the importance of convenience and ease of use, and thus, we are committed to delivering top-notch experiences for each user.

Age Gating Customization for Icecat Live Users

We are thrilled to announce another significant feature released during this sprint, specifically tailored for our esteemed Icecat Live users. Now, you have the power to enable or disable the Age Gating form before a video is played. This offers you enhanced control and flexibility over your content.

Introducing the <videoAgeGatingDisabled> container, a powerful tool that empowers you to manage the availability of the Age Gating form with utmost precision. Moreover, by utilizing the values “true” and “false,” you can seamlessly customize the user experience based on your preferences and content requirements.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8" />
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />
  <div id="container"></div>
  <script type="text/javascript">
	window.addEventListener("liveload", function () {
      	shopname: "shop_user",
      	UserReference: "user_code",
      	ProviderId: "1",
      	videoAgeGatingDisabled: true,
  <script src=""></script>

Improved Paragraph Separators in Icecat’s XML Files

In our latest sprint, we took a significant step towards enhancing the user experience for our XML file users. We recognized a common concern among our valued partners related to using paragraph separators. This particularly concerns the transitioning from JSON files to XML files.

Previously, our XML files used the “\n” tag as a paragraph separator. While this approach was functional, it led to some confusion among users accustomed to different practices, especially those using JSON files before. We understand the importance of consistency and user-friendly interfaces, which led us to act.

In responding to a user’s feedback about paragraph separators in our JSON files, our team diligently worked to improve the situation. Our goal was clear: ensure that all Icecat users have a seamless and intuitive experience, irrespective of their file format.

To achieve this, we introduced a simple yet effective solution. In our XML files, we adopted the use of the “<br>” tag as the designated paragraph separator. This change aligns the behavior of our JSON and XML files, creating a harmonized experience for our users. Whether users are familiar with JSON or transitioning to XML, they can now confidently navigate our files, confident in the consistent use of paragraph separators.

Partner Invitation User Interface Upgrade

In this sprint, we are excited to unveil significant improvements to our PIM user interface style, aligning it seamlessly with our updated design guidelines. Furthermore, the focus of our updates began with the Partner Invitation UI and its associated components, which have now been harmonized across various sections of our PIM. With this cohesive approach, users can now experience a consistent and visually pleasing view throughout the entire PIM, enhancing usability and navigation.

Authorize Partners

Other Improvements in Icecat Release Notes 176-177:

  • Upgraded Copy Product functionality with additional policy. New policy now available for text product description blocks, including Full name + URL + Disclaimer, Marketing text, Short Marketing text, Warranty, SEO, and Bullet Points.
  • We are focusing our efforts on enhancing the PIM Search page and eliminating outdated legacy code.
  • SEO improvement efforts focused on enhancing page load speed, optimizing mobile view pages, and improving canonical links.
  • By configuring our DNS settings, we have enhanced the deliverability of our emails through the addition of an SPF record. This improvement ensures that our emails are more likely to reach their intended recipients’ inboxes, promoting effective communication and engagement.

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