Icecat venture Hatch Acquired by PriceSpider

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Hatch acquired by PriceSpider

PriceSpider acquires the European omnichannel commerce solutions scale-up Hatch. Hatch helps brands by making their touchpoints “shoppable”. As part of this deal, Icecat and other shareholders have sold all their shares in Hatch to PriceSpider. (See the previous announcement of Icecat about the sales of its shares in Hatch).

Together, Hatch and PriceSpider, with a presence on all continents, provide the most comprehensive commerce network and digital shelf analytics. The combination helps brands to better understand consumer buying patterns to optimize their consumer touchpoints globally. Hatch is headquartered in Amsterdam and has over 100 employees in offices in the EMEA, APAC, and CIS regions. Its network enables consumers to connect with sales channels of the world’s biggest brands. And, purchase products when and where is best for them.

10 million dollar ARR

Hatch has grown from a start-up to a mature scale-up in under 10 years. It generates now an ARR of more than $10 Million. Further, it offers its clients omnichannel SaaS solutions based on Where to Buy technology. Where to Buy connects brands directly with retailers. This empowers a one-click shop from the brands’ website, that directs buyers to a global selection of over 2000 retailers. Furthermore, Hatch’s omnichannel solution helps consumers to buy a brand’s product from any point. Whether it’s social media, the website, a phone, a tablet, or a computer.

Currently operating in over 80 countries around the world, Hatch’s service is compatible with almost any product on any market. They offer live data insights on product availability, ensuring consumers of an accurate price and in-stock information. In 2021, over 100 million consumers passed through the Hatch platform. This represents close to half a billion dollars worth of purchases.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, brands need access to data that will help them drive more sales online. Through this latest acquisition, PriceSpider positions itself to serve global brands through a single, extensive global retailer network. Hatch’s omnichannel feed, coupled with PriceSpider’s proprietary crawl technology, gives the ability to enhance customer journeys and digital shelf analytics.

Global retailer network

Hatch’s Where-to-Buy technology and vast global retailer network have been the hallmark of its success. By creating a clear path to purchase across all channels, combining digital and physical store feeds, Hatch tapped into an otherwise elusive local retail partner network. This network ranges from Europe to Asia and from London to Taipei. Combined with PriceSpider’s existing footprint, this acquisition creates the most expansive and efficient way to capture commerce data worldwide, including a global footprint to service clients and retailers within their local timezone and language.

In its US eCommerce Forecast 2021, eMarketer reports that $933 billion is spent on e-commerce in 2021 in the US. Additionally, Deloit states in its 2021 Retail Industry Outlook Report that supply chain resiliency requires end-to-end integration. In order to help retailers anticipate and meet consumer demands and disruptions in unprecedented times. PriceSpider’s acquisition of Hatch marks a great leap forward in the success and resilience of eCommerce by further improving the buyer’s journey and cementing future success.

PriceSpider in Inc 5000

PriceSpider’s Brand Commerce Platform combines Shoppable Where-to-Buy solutions, Digital Shelf Analytics, and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) technologies. These latter services protects the brand integrity online by delivering deeper insights into how consumers shop and choose brands. PriceSpider is among the Inc 5000 fastest-growing private American companies for the past three years. With this acquisition, PriceSpider and Hatch will serve more than 2,000 of the world’s most renowned brands across the globe.

As with PriceSpider, Hatch is on a mission to make the world shoppable. By connecting brands to consumers and consumers to their preferred retailers. By combining Hatch and PriceSpider’s offerings, I am overjoyed at the prospect of where we will go together following this acquisition.

Joris Kroese, Founder and CEO of Hatch

Over the past two and a half years, PriceSpider has acquired ORIS Intelligence, adding a best-in-class MAP solution to PriceSpider’s product portfolio, as well as CommerceConnector, which further expanded global retailer partnerships across Europe and Australasia. By bringing Hatch into the PriceSpider family, PriceSpider is poised for significant growth in eCommerce to outpace the technological demands global consumer brands need.

Scott Hoch, partner at Frontier Growth (of which Price Spider is a portfolio company)

Icecat will provide details about the financial impact of the sales of its shares in Hatch, conforming to its financial calendar, in its H2-2021 figures and annual report of 2021.

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