Diversity, Fun, and Team Work Shaping Icecat Culture

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International Lunch

At Icecat we believe that a diversity of voices strengthens our company. We strive to maintain an inclusive workspace where everyone feels comfortable sharing their unique perspective. Fostering a workplace atmosphere that is both fun and engaging yields advantages that extend beyond simply enhancing the entertainment value. It enables us to establish more resilient teams and build a community within Icecat.

With nearly 200 people from all around the world, Icecat is an international company with a multicultural environment, supporting all its employees to celebrate their different cultural backgrounds. We encourage our employees to honour their differences and to learn from each other and we believe that by valuing and respecting one other, we can build a stronger Icecat community!

We have a number of initiatives in place to make sure that our workplace is as diverse and inclusive as possible, such as our International Lunch. This year, our team got together to celebrate Icecat’s multicultural environment by sharing a piece of their culture with the team. Everyone brought delicious meals from their countries and we called it a party! 🥳

Here’s a peek of our menu this year:

  • French Apple Pie
  • Romanian Zacusca with Visinata
  • Greek Keftedakia with Tzatziki
  • Ukrainian Candy
  • Norwegian Waffles with Blueberry Jam
  • Turkish Sarma
  • Spanish Tortilla de Patata
  • Bulgarian Banitsa
  • Chinese Char Siu and Pork Belly

Icecat Traditions

Friday Drinks: On Fridays the weekend is welcomed with some drinks after work in the office kitchen. Every now and then we celebrate a hard week with some music, drinks, snacks, and a lot of good vibes! 🎶🍹😎

Holiday Celebrations: During festive occasions such as Christmas and Halloween, the office is imbued with the holiday spirit. The team decorates the workspace and celebrates the occasion with either a dinner or a party! 🍾🎉

International Lunches: Every now and then the team gets together to celebrate our company’s diversity. Everyone brings a piece of their country & culture and shares it with the rest. Whether it’s a meal, a snack, or a drink, the goal is to experience together each other’s international heritage. 🍽️🌍

Summer Barbeque: Every summer the Icecat team cools of at the annual barbeque. We celebrate the beginning of summer by bringing the holiday vibes to us as a community! We enjoy the good weather, the nature, and some delicious barbeque with one another, which gives us time to bond and brings us closer together! ♨️🍻🫶🏻

Teambuilding Event: Every year we organize one or more teambuilding activities to spend some quality time with each other and forge stronger relationships with our colleagues. At last year’s edition, Icecat invited all its employees for a 2 days trip at the beach, where the team played several summer activities, attended multiple masterclasses, and enjoyed a mini vacation at the beach! 🌊🤝🏻

Goodbye & Welcome Parties: Every employee deserves a warm welcome and an even warmer goodbye party. Because we spend a lot of time together and we have the opportunity to really get to know each other, goodbyes can get very emotional. 🥳

That’s The Spirit!

Every achievement is noticed at Icecat. We use our team group chat to congratulate, encourage, and inspire each other to improve in our work. Additionally, whenever there is a major achievement, we celebrate by ringing the office gong (yes, we have an Icecat gong 😂).

The company culture is defined by the values, attitudes, goals, and practices that we share. We are committed to creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can thrive. Nonetheless, the most significant aspect is creating an environment where everyone feels safe and at ease, because after all, the office is our second home. So if you’re looking for a job in a company that values diversity and community, Icecat is the place for you!

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