Apple Watch: a Useful Tool or a Smart Toy?

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Apple Watch Series 1


Battery Life


Ease-of-use for messaging


User-friendly Interface







  • Smart Design
  • Sport Apps
  • Quick message editing


  • Short Battery Life
  • Not Fully Waterproof
  • No accurate Step Counting

After six months spent with my Apple Watch, I am still not sure if I consider it a useful tool or “just” a smart toy and fancy accessory. The design is minimalistic and wristbands are available in multiple colors and sizes. I have it in white and unfortunately it gets dirty pretty fast. Apart from this, it is definitely a cool accessory to wear. My smartwatch usage relates mainly to App notifications and workout tracking.

What I like

  • Useful notifications by discrete vibrations on your wrist. Useful for instance when I left the phone at the charger.
  • Quick message editing.
  • Make and receive calls (via the connected iPhone)
  • Workout tracking (for running, walking, cycling, etc.). When you finish your exercises, your history will appear (calories burnt, steps, time spent standing and exercising).
  • Workout goal set (helps motivating me to move more, and stand up more frequently. Nice to have, especially in case of desk jobs).

What I dislike

  • Battery life (one day max at normal use). Also, it considerably affects your iPhone’s battery life, as bluetooth needs to be always switched on.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Step counting is not accurate.

What has been announced for the second series

  • Brighter screen
  • GPS built-in
  • Waterproof

It seems that with the new release, the Apple Watch moves from being just a cool accessory to a useful work and sport device. It appears that battery life has also been improved (+35%) somewhat, which might make a difference for potential buyers.


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