Icecat is Still Hiring! A Guide for the First Week on Your New Job

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Changing jobs post-corona might be a little bit different than usual and come with some extra stress. But the excitement to take upon new challenges will help to get you through the first week(s) and month(s). Working partly remotely will help you to adapt to a new (digital) working environment and maintain a work-life balance. Below you can find a guide for the first week on your new job:

Day 1: Introduction

Your first day will start at the office. Install your laptop, phone and get used to the office environment. Your manager or colleague will give you a tour of the premises – the meeting rooms, coffee maker, restrooms and so on. You will find out where you can eat lunch and take breaks, and discover any other amenities your new workplace offers.

Each week will start with a digital “Monday morning coffee”. This is an opportunity to meet all your colleagues digitally. But more importantly, to introduce yourself for the first time. Think about what you want to say, pay attention to your surroundings and colleagues. Finally, if possible, try to remember names.

Day 2: Meet the team

On your second day in the office, you will have physical and digital meetings via Skype or Google Meet with the management team and your direct colleagues to check the goals and expectations. Furthermore, you will learn how to work with all the systems and install additional software if needed. Also, you will read more about the Icecat services, collect content and go through the most important clients in your portfolio.

Day 3: Training and Learning

On your third day, you will have a training day. Together with a colleague or supervisor, you will be able to learn all systems that are being used to be successful. For example, you will learn daily tasks regarding the Front Office and the Icecat PIM and everything related to it. After this, you will have more training but the basic knowledge is in.

Bi-weekly there are internal masterclasses to keep all colleagues up-to-date about the latest technologies and developments within the companies. This is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and use it as an added value towards (potential) customers.

Day 4: Discover the market

Today you will have time to analyze the market or specific vertical, read the latest news, and start thinking about where the new opportunities are to sell the services. Analyze your customers to up and cross-sell. Slowly but surely, you will get to know how Icecat works and what you can expect in the next couple of weeks and months.

Day 5: Friday!

Finally, it is the last day of your first week. This is the day when you start to see the light at the end of the induction tunnel. All the basic knowledge is in, and you are ready to get to work. Get ready for your first appointment and introduction with a customer. You might even get your first questions from customers on how to solve issues. Of course, all your Icecat colleagues are more than happy to help you out.

The week at Icecat is closed down with a Friday Afternoon Drink. Most of the colleagues join the online meeting from the comfort of their homes. After summarizing the activities of the week, it is time to socialize, catch up and simply have a good time with colleagues that work remotely. When possible, we prefer a physical drink at the office, and every now and then we also like to have a themed party, such as Christmas or Halloween, or organize Team Building activities.

We hope this will give you some insights into how we do things at Icecat. If you think Icecat is the right fit for you, take a look at our open positions, apply, and become our new colleague!

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