Crafting Content: Three Strategies for Social Media

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As an integral part of your brand’s internal content production, social media teams play a crucial role in staying attuned to trends that harmonize with your brand’s core values. This involves not only staying updated but also ensuring seamless alignment between emerging trends and your brand’s fundamental principles. The ultimate goal? Engaging your audience effectively while staying true to your brand’s identity and values.

Entertainment on social media cannot be approached in a one-size-fits-all manner. You can experiment with various content types and formats thanks to the freedom social media gives you. However, several distinguishing characteristics might assist brands in changing their tone to be more interesting.

Let’s take a look at three strategies for social media that might help you connect with your audience better:

1. Showcase Your Personality

Every brand has a unique personality that makes it stand out from rivals. Determine your advantages and disadvantages, then build out a place for yourself. To accomplish this, you must:

 Go beyond having a firm tone and voice

Tone and voice are essential components of every brand’s personality, but in the evolving social landscape where businesses are competing for customers’ attention, non-traditional approaches must also be used. Consider Ryanair, a low-cost airline. The company’s clever replies and self-deprecating humor have made it a household name for disruptive social media marketing. Their material engages consumers and creates a feeling of community where viewers can laugh and discuss their travel experiences on social media. 

Showcase Your Personality

Give your brand a face and use creators when necessary

Consider creators as an extension of your social team rather than someone you work with infrequently. If you have a limited budget for influencers, encourage your customers to make content using your products or inspire your colleagues to post some behind-the-scenes material. If you or other members of your social media team find it uncomfortable to be on camera, this is also a perfect solution to use outside creators who are used to being on camera.

Let’s take Old Navy as an example. Customers are encouraged by Old Navy to upload videos or pictures of themselves using their products on social media by using the hashtag #OldNavyStyle. Thanks to this strategy, the number of Instagram posts and TikTok videos receiving over 15.5k likes has increased to over 500,000.

2. Be Real

Social media is becoming such commonplace that organizations can no longer rely on cheap material, especially as viewers become more aware of sales and marketing strategies. Customers are searching for relatable, valuable information that is genuine and honest. In order to connect authentically, you must:

Give a try to lo-fi and quit perfection

It not only delivers a better return on investment with smaller resources, but it also portrays the human side of your brand. Take raw video or take product pictures using your phone, then press the publish button. With more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok, Fenty Beauty welcomes the low-fidelity content style of the site and lets their community and merchandise speak for the brand. Make your brand seem more human. Give your article a human vibe rather than a corporate one. BTS footage, for instance, from your workplace, factory, kitchen, etc., will work perfectly without you spending tons of money for flawless production.


Can ya hear that? It’s our holiday mascara duo bringin’ tha VOLUME 🖤 The ultra-black, longwear formula coats, curls, and lifts for alllll the dramz 👀👀 #FentyBeauty #FYP

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

3. Make Your Content Shareable

Discoverability is becoming a bigger priority for social media algorithms, helping you find countless hours of enjoyment from businesses and creators you may not be familiar with. People share material because it is relatable and relevant to them. To produce such material:

Reach out to particular communities

Craft content that aligns your brand with the values of your audience, fostering direct connections. Take, for example, IKEA’s innovative approach to visibility. Instead of traditional product terms, IKEA renamed their products after commonly searched-for relationship problems, creatively leveraging search trends.

For instance, when individuals searched for “my partner snores” solutions, IKEA cleverly offered a single bed. And for those pondering “dating three people at once?”… IKEA presented a 3-point extension cable.

This ingenious strategy generated over 100 products with new names, resulting in 350+ built links to the site and a traffic surge into the hundreds of thousands. Notably, according to Econsultancy, IKEA’s daybed named “My Partner Snores” even landed on the first page for the search query “My Partner Snores” during the campaign period. This not only amplified their organic visibility but also placed their products in unexpected search results, demonstrating the power of creative thinking beyond conventional SEO strategies.

Make use of “universal truths” to engage with your viewers

Universal truths are the most relatable to people because they help them feel noticed and give them a sense of belonging. Content may be entertaining, inviting to discuss common experiences, or just shattering common assumptions. Consider Semrush’s approach to addressing marketers through their content. They skillfully transform the everyday situations, emotions, and viewpoints associated with marketing into humorous and relatable content, captivating their audience. This achievement is made possible by their adept use of original memes, precisely tailored to connect with and engage their specific audience.

Universal truths

Mastering Authentic Engagement

These tactics will help you become lighthouses of authenticity and connection in the age of social media since consumers’ attention spans are short, and they are constantly exposed to content. Through the display of accessible and shareable content, the embracement of lo-fi, and the human side of brands, they break through the noise and promote real interactions rather than just engagement. These strategies create lasting brand ties in addition to providing entertainment because they are genuine and approachable, encouraging viewers to engage rather than just watch. This is about telling a story that develops naturally and makes a lasting impression on the social media scene. So, our final thought is –  don’t stress too much if the content is not as perfect as you want it to be; instead, just embrace it and lean with it.

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