Italian Cosmetics Distributor Profumerie Cirrottola Adopts Product Stories to Enhance Visitor Engagement

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Cirrottola uses Icecat content

Profumerie Cirrottola uses Icecat since 2020. To further improve visitor engagement and increase card conversion, Profumerie Cirrottola now adopts Product Stories. Cirrotola offers selective perfumery, skincare, and make-up products for more than 30 years throughout Italy, the rest of Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. Through its local stores and its online channel, it offers 600 brands covering over 75,000 beauty products. Selling these products to companies like hairdressers, wellness centers, beauty centers, hotels, B&Bs, resorts, and individuals looking for cosmetic products.

In a highly specialized market, where quality is everything, and content and data are major assets, we were looking for a solid partner to stay competitive, nimble, and focus on what is strategic for us.  In search of boosting growth, increasing speed, and optimizing processes, we decided to select a high-quality partner that understands our corporate culture. But, also understands the standards required in our market and could also support us in our e-commerce growth strategy. We were looking for someone who fits our strategy and can execute and deliver results. In short, they have contributed to accelerate the pace of our evolution. Icecat is what we were looking for. And we are proud of them.

Gianpiero Chironna, Business Analyst at Profumerie Cirrottola

Enhanced product content is king

Product Stories create a better online shopping experience with this enhanced product content. Because by integrating Product Stories, online visitors start to get close to the feeling of holding the actual products in their hands. Most importantly, it is easy to integrate by adding just a few lines of code to one’s website. But, above all, it boosts sales conversion by 5-25%. Profumerie Cirrottola uses the marketing texts, carousels of images, product videos, and specifications, and invites its brand suppliers to provide any enhanced product content they have available.

Product Stories have a responsive design, so it dynamically adjusts to laptop, smartphone, or tablet screen sizes. There is a manual available on how to easily integrate Product Stories via Icecat Live with just a few Javascript code lines. Or pull the Product Stories via XML or JSON as a zip file.

Thanks to the partnership with Cirrottola Profumerie, a strong player in professional cosmetics, we are drastically improving Icecat’s catalog quality in this industry. Providing high-quality content. Now we are reaching out to brands that are willing to invest in enhanced Product Stories. To provide the best e-commerce experience to customers and rapidly increase the conversion rate.

Vittorio Marino, Country Manager Italy at Icecat

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