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April 10, 2020
icecat subscription plan resellers

COVID-19 offer: FREE advice to resellers that need to improve online. Find below Icecat's Subscription Plans for Merchant services: product data subscriptions and syndication services to power one's ecommerce system with product content. See also: Brand Owner: Product Information Management…

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February 28, 2020

Icecat editors are involved in the large-scale production of standardized and localized product data-sheets (PDSs) in behalf of brands participating in Open Icecat. How do we define and explain the logic of each content element in an Icecat PDS, differentiating…

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January 22, 2020

There's a longstanding co-operation with Carrefour, among others in Belgium. Carrefour Belgium - relaunching non-food categories on its bilingual website Carrefour.eu soon - is calling its non-food suppliers to register for Icecat's free Vendor Central to enter product data themselves…

Manual for Icecat URL: Integrating Links to Product Data Sheets and Images

Version: 1.21, August 28, 2019. The purpose of this post is to explain the Icecat URL method to get...
 October 4, 2018
 November 3, 2019

Manual for Icecat Live: Real-Time Product Data in Your App

Icecat Live is a (free) service that enables you to insert real-time product content from some hundr...
 June 1, 2018

Manual for the Icecat CSV Interface

This document describes the CSV (Comma-Separated Values) variant of Icecat's Open Catalog Interface...
 September 28, 2016

Iceclog: Content Log and Playground for New Ideas like a Free Vendor Central and Social Media Functions

“Iceclog” (Icecat content log) is the Icecat blog, where you will find...
 June 26, 2019

Manual for Open Icecat JSON Product Requests

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an increasingly popular means of transferring to data, compa...
 September 17, 2018
icecat addons

Icecat Add-ons including Magento, PrestaShop, Oracle, SAP Hybris, Google Shopping. NEW: Shopify

Icecat has a huge list of integration partners, that make it easy for clien...
 May 1, 2020

Manual for your Personalized Interface File and Catalog from Icecat

Via the Icecat website and login area, a user can generate personalized or customized CSV or Excel f...
 October 5, 2016

Iceclog Editor Guidelines: Writing Compelling Posts

The Iceclog Editor Guidelines are a quick guide for contributors to the Iceclog blog or "cl...
 August 17, 2016