My three tips to enhance product content: make it real, congruent and use video.

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Consumers are taking more time for online product orientation since the crisis. This new habit is forcing French retailers and e-tailers to reconsider the importance of product content in the purchase cycle. A study conducted by Opinionway for Akeneo, an Icecat partner, revealed that a lack of product information benefits direct competitors 30% of the time.

So, it’s clearly critical to keep the attention of your visitors by using enhanced product content. How to enhance your product content?

1. Make it real

The product’s technical specs, like dimensions, size, color, material, are a must. To understand its use. But, retailers cannot put the product’s emotional dimension aside. “There is a tendency around the authenticity of the content with the implementation of 3D pictures, which help to dynamize the product datasheet”, says Maxime Beaumard, iAdvize’s CMO. The product datasheet needs to be sufficiently attractive to keep the customer interested. Further, “augmented reality can also be used to enrich product content”, says Joan Benoualid, VP sales and alliances at Akeneo. “If a customer is looking for the perfect sofa, an e-commerce site can enable him to visualize the product in his living room, offering him a positive brand experience”, Joan adds.

2. Congruent omnichannel messaging

Nowadays, people tend to be omnichannel consumers. Thus, retailers need to offer standardized product content on all their sales channels. Yet, this goal seems to be difficult to achieve. A study on syndication of product contents of January 2020 showed that only 10% of customers say that product information is the same on different sales channels, and 73% says that the information is actually contradictory. Incongruent product information is a deal-breaker.

3. Enrich content through product videos

According to a study in 2019 by Teester, a video platform on which customers can share experiences, 7 out of 10 prefer video over text to discover a product or a service. For 90% of them, watching a video is a decisive element in their purchase cycle. Customer feedback, inspiration, demonstration, tutorial… video content gives the retailer a lot of flexibility. “Consumers don’t find the same information online as in the physical shop. To fill the gap, video is a tool to transmit a message more directly and to improve conversion rates.” Julien Chevalier, founder of Teester explains.

However, just adding videos will not do anything for conversions. Adding rich media, needs to provide congruent and useful information.

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